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Discussion in 'General' started by Swine, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. i got some bud today, is it possible to identify what strain or what type of strain it is? The reason im asking is this shit is supposed to be kb, and damn does it smell strange. its got orange hairs and it smells like a vitamin...but very slightly sweet or fruity. It almost irritates my nose. Any ideas? thanks...
  2. kb is a term that means good bud with lots of crystals that gets you ripped. it isnt really possible to id the exact strain
  3. kb = kind bud?

    haha i are slow
  4. Weedeater, i know. Hell, we dont even call it kb here...we call it crip...anyway

    Im interested because it smells strange. it doesnt smell like any weed ive smelled. just trying to find out if its a characteristic of a certain strain or good bud...or bad...thanks

    btw thanks woody
  5. oh ok cool man sorry bout that
  6. i thought that crip was poisoned weed?
  7. good bud smells strange.

    why dont you try smoking some?
  8. phil...
    i have exams next week...gotta study all week and this weekend...weed impairs learning ability for a day or so...impaired learning = ineffective studying = swine is dead come midterms. damn school =(

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