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KB Beasters [MACRO]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 32degrees, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Sample of some beasters from this guy, i may get an ounce but i honestly am not too pleased about the price, its 260$ a zip, nd im not thinking its worth it, what do you guys think? It does get me lifted but...ehhh

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  2. not worth it. you could find someone cheaper. decent beasters though
  3. yeah man typically i got this other hookup for beasters thats 250$ a zip but that guy has been sick, im friends with him nd he really is sick no bs, nd his beasters are always high quality, or i just get NN headies from him, only occationally he picks up named strains. but that runs around 400-500$ a zip but its worth it
  4. In my opinion, due to the prices we have here, id buy it. That looks like a seirously good deal to ME..
  5. Judging from where your at (Connecticut) i think its a bad deal cuz your ending up paying ~$9.17 per gram and when i want to get a g of beasters i get it for $10
  6. typically people around here pay aout 15$ a gram for beasters, but i just dont really like these ones that much, like i can get better for 250$ if i wait a few days...i think i might just do that
  7. around here the best bud in town is 275/oz so imo ur not getting ripped that bad..but id wait on the better shit for 250 just cuz its a big buy itl be worth the wait
  8. if i could get that stuff right now, i'd pick up an oz of it for 270 personally..just cause cant get it right now. looks like the beasters we get around here tho, and same price too. but if you can do better, wait.
  9. looks like some kick ass beasters
  10. i hate when people try to sell beasters as 240+ $$ , i used to pay 260 for some beasters, and it was damp, but then i found this dude who sells insane beasters for 200 a zip, its way better and dry! thats also like an hour drive away, so i would get taht shit and chillll. decent shit though you got have fun , does it smell like hay?
  11. damp as in moist, or do u mean dank? :confused:
  12. na bro it doesn't smell much like hay, more like citrus honestly it seemed like its almost more sativa dominant, it is a mad head rush not much body high, but it did knock me out after a few hours, coulda been because it was 3am though

    EDIT, i trimmed most of the leaves off also before i smoked, taking away from the sleepiness of the high
  13. If it's normal for your area go for it.
  14. A zip of that for 260 is straight in my area, theyre usually around 280 actually in NoVA.
  15. grabbed an 1/8 of sativa hash (made from sativa buds) ill post some pics of that tomorrow in a new thread, got it on a steal at blues travler nd collective soul tonight 40$ for the eighth nd its definatly sativa, very head "up" high real nice
  16. dude thats high as shit, i get an ounce of dank as shit beasters for $100 no lie. 2-3 thick waterfalls of it and its lights out. i can get it for real cheap cause me n my dealer are really good friends
  17. Decent beasters.

  18. yeah same here dude, i got half for 70 and i get an ounce for 100, the nugs i get are dense as hell burn nice and most importantly slaps me in the face when i take a hit of it
  19. yeah you got ripped off i can get that closer to 200
  20. That's a fairly decent price, at least in Maryland. Don't listen to the people who say it is a bad deal. Just because it's bad to them, doesn't mean it's bad to everyone. Everyone pays different prices depending on who they know and where they live.

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