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  1. How much would a used one go for? I really wanna buy a motorcycle. What should I get?
  2. Uhhh it depends on a lot. The ninja has a low end 250cc (size of the motor) model that is a starter bike. They have the big dick ones that are really fast, although the really old ones are a good bit slower than the newer ones.

    Budget? Cruiser or fast crotch rocket? Are you responsible with speed? (honestly..)

    Buying a bike isn't just saying I want this model and it looks nice heres $6k. RESEARCH. And I don't even own a bike. Join a forum before you buy one so you don't make a mistake.
  3. I am looking for a starter bike, not looking for speed just yet man, Idk hardly anything about em but I wanna learn
  4. Get a 2006-2008 ninja 650r can't go wrong IMO
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    first of all, the "Ninja" is more than just a 250 or 650, it's Kawasaki's complete line of sport bikes. Second, let's assume you want a new body style Ninja 250, they go used for $2500 if in good shape and they keep their resale value since no one really keeps them for longer than 6 months since they're more of a learner or commuter bike.

    Third, don't get a 650, they're under powered (which is what you actually want) but their clutches suck...if you want a 600 with a little more power but mimics that of a sport bike, get a sport touring bike like a Katana.

    I've had 3 Ninja's, 2 of which were 2006 ZX6r 636's and a 2008 ZX10r

    any other questions, fire away, i've been riding for 12 years.
  6. I want a nice looking bike that I can customize like the tank, and the crowl and all that, so I want one I can keep for awhile, what should I do about getting riding exsperience?
  7. My friend just got a badass triumph..hard to find though
  8. well a 250 (2009+) has a cowl cover and i'm not sure what you mean by customizing the tank...but honestly the new Honda CBR 250 is worlds nicer than the Ninja 250, the CBR has ABS and IMO it looks much sleeker.

    as for riding experience...get a bike and ride, that's the only way to gain experience.
  9. what kind of Triumph? I want a Speed Triple, it's not that i like them more than Japanese or Italian (actually, i don't like Triumph) but the Speed Triple is supposed to be able to handle amazingly.
  10. Yea thats what he got..think its a 2010 or somethin..dont know much about motorcycles but its pretty cool i want it lol
  11. i'm a fan of street fighter style motorcycles, the Speed Triple falls into that category

  12. if you dont know anything about bikes and want to learn, I am assuming you have zero riding experience (nothing wrong with that. everyone starts somewhere). The best thing is to go take a riding course and see if its even something you like. Just because you like the way bikes look, doesnt mean you will end up enjoying the ride or how it feels. You will also get your license if you go this route. Spend the 170 bucks before spending thousands on something you know nothing about.
  13. every town or city has an MSF, it's a local safety course that the local PD puts on for new riders. Most have their own bikes, some require you to bring your own...and going to the course takes a small percentage off your motorcycle insurance.
  14. That's beautiful man
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    i stunt so i ride a lot of street fighters

    here's my last '06 Kawasaki 636


    my last CBR F4i and 636



    my 2006 GSXR 750 i bought when i joined the Army in 2005



    one of my first stunted F4i's


    my first 2005 636 after i laid her down, haha


    after i laid her down and had new fairings and repainted

  16. Damn man! Those look pretty sick! Btw I'm leaving for basic in may after I graduate, did u smoke when u were in? Do they text for that? And what's the penalty
  17. i posted more pics, i should quote it so they're on this 2nd page, haha.

    No, i didn't smoke while i was in, i didn't smoke EVER until the day after i got out. They piss test you once a month, sometimes more depending on the unit and where you're at. I didn't get piss tested in Iraq unless something happened....as for penalty, if it's your first offense you'll get knocked down a rank, 30 days of extra duty, loss of half pay for a month, restricted to housing (can't leave to go anywhere besides work) for a month, and you have to go to a drug course. Your 2nd offense and after, you'll probably get dishonorably discharged...you won't get a job anywhere but McDonalds...not worth smoking or anything while you're in.
  18. damn man thanks for the info, I hear of people doing it all the time during like operation desert storm and stuff but dang thanks for the warning agai
  19. whats the deal with dishonorable discharge ? do you have to report it when you apply for a job? i know a kid that was unhappy in the military and he was talking about inking up his hands n neck to get discharged. i told him to stick it out and that it was a bad idea ( he hasnt done it yet). wondering what actual repercussions are.
  20. when a job wants to hire you they do a background check to see your work history, although a lot of places you get fired from rarely report anything the U.S. Military have a full detailed report for everyone to see on why you got dishonorably discharged. Most places will see that and think you're a total shitbag since the military only kicks out shitbags. Also, tattoos won't get you discharged, the military WILL pay for them to be removed and then they'll just demote you and give you an Article 15 for purposely destroying government property.

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