Kava Tea Extract

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  1. According to some guy working at GNC, Kava has been illegal for the past 4 years... I can't find any info on this, every source says its 100% legal. Does anybody have any insight on this?

    Im nterested in trying it, apparently when mixed with weed it's amazing. Has any one here tried it with success?
  2. The guy is full of shit, Kava is completely legal here in the states.

  3. Yeah, that's bullshit. Just go to another store if they won't let you buy it.
  4. yah its legal i jus took 500mg's of it, gonna get to bed early tonight. Im going to buy more too because it really helps with insomnia, and gives you a very relaxed state of mind.

  5. Well fuck, 500mg is a lot though. What form was it in?
  6. i have purchased it from the Vitamin Shoppe. and ive even seen them sell it to minors so its like 1 hundo percent legal
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    Are there any chain stores I'd have luck finding it at? Or should i just check independently owned herbal supplement stores? ( its not against the rules to ask where I can find a 100% legal herbal supplement is it? )
  8. if it's legal u can ask about it

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