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  1. Gotta love it :)
    So about a month ago, i was in a coffeeshop Maastricht, Holland getting baked on a strain called "Cheese". Really good stuff, btw. So its getting late and i have to go back to Germany, but i still had some grass with me. I ordered 1/2 a gram but i think they gave me more. so i had about half of that left and decided i cant take it with me. I look next to me and i see a couple from belgium. The girl is gorgeous and the guy is kinda chubby. they looked really nice so i go up to them and say "excuse me. im going back to germany and im not gonna smuggle this. would u like to have it?". The look on the guys face was priceless. I felt like im giving him a million dollars, not €3 worth of weed
    So a few weeks ago, a guy i barely know gave me some of his stash for free :D
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFYe2_jLcx0]YouTube - Karma - Opeth[/ame]
  3. opeth! great band, best lyrics in metal history. I used to be in love with them when i was into metal. i still am, but back then, metal was the only thing i listened to. Now i just listen to metal when im jogging or excersizing
  4. thats wicked. Karma always catches up.

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