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  1. Looking to try either the White OG or Biker Kush regulars, anyone have success with these seeds?

    Hermies? Good phenos?

    I've seen good threads in the past but I'm wondering if they're still good.

    Sounds promising.
  2. no wonder why your asking they dont give any info at all on there plants . and no flower times could be 14 weekers who knows . nothing . half of them are sold out . pictures look good but they should provide more info and there not cheap ! hey check out zambeza like the power kush 9/10 . all of there plants flower in about 6 to 7 weeks very strong . fastest flowering time . guarantee it will knock your socks off ! we took peoples keys so they could not drive it was that strong !
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    It seems they do a lot of communication through instagram from what I've gathered today.

    I think I'm gonna run those two strains (White OG, Biker Kush).

    I will mark down Power Kush as something nice with a fast flowering time if I need something quick and danky in the future. Thanks Bryan.
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  4. please keep us posted . another strand highly suggested is female seeed company bubble gummer . massive yield very strong one of the best . 9/10 yield from experience was twice as much as many others hard to believe but true . huggggggge nugs was stupid . that time there was i think 48 different kinds at once bubble gummer was the winner . but a 10 week flower . the power kush was 7 weeks or so stupid fast .
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  5. all my posts are pertaining to cherry tomato strands .thanks .
  6. I got Where's My Bike from Karma genetics but I haven't grown it out yet. It's Biker Kush crossed with Amnesia. cant wait to grow it

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