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    so i had this spoon that my friend dropped and broke at school but we kept part of it cuz you could still smoke out of it. heres a diagram

    ok if this is the mouthpiece --------> -----( ) and the parenthesis is the bowl, it broke right where the bowl and the lines meet and we kept this part: ----- to use like a chillum. well one day i was at the same kids house and we were out of weed so we decide to scrape it. we are home alone for the day except his grandma is home and we have this inside joke that when its only her at his house we are home alone because she had a stroke a few years back and is pretty worthless when it comes to keeping an eye on us. shes even come into his garage while were smoking and in mid hit and hasnt noticed.
    anyway, after we scraped we went outside to try and get some weed or whatever and we come back a few hours later and we had just left the scraped pipe out on his kitchen table!! and its a good thing we noticed it cuz his dad can smell weed from a mile away cuz hes been caught so much. good times

    another funny thing: when this piece was a spoon we didnt have a name for it so once it broke we started calling it little faggot cuz you would always either get a really fat hit or a shitty one, more often shitty. just thought i would share

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