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  1. I know he's got a LOT of haters, but anyone else love him? Perfect blend of lyrical ability, and amazing beats.
  2. Never been a big fan of his stuff, but I had respect for what he was doing.

    That changed after what he did at Bonnaroo '08. Not cool.

  3. Ah so ive heard from my friends who went.
  4. Saw the last show on the Glow in the Dark Tour Jay-Z came out and debuet a new song ( Jockin Jay-Z )

    Lupe Fiasco ( second fav right now to Nas) brought the house DOWN ~!

    Kanye is a showman

    N.E.R.D was a great opening act and I love them too but Everybody wanted Lupe & Kanye all night.
  5. I've heard Kanye spit it in a few songs and i dont listen 2 him much but i aint gonna lie that muthafucka can rip it
  6. This man needs to get OFF the T-Pain box! It's not helpin you fool!

  7. His rapping ability is incredibly underrated.
  8. I really liked him with Common on that southside shyt muthafuckaz can touch your soul if you hear it right

  9. Love Common.
  10. I like Kanye a lot. Graduation was a good album, better then the Carter 3 all around in my opinion.
  11. I like Kanye, hes a good rapper, not my favorite thiugh. Haha he got so pissed when he didnt win that award

  12. Oh not even close.

    Graduation was a "great" album. TC3 was "ok".
  13. i would listen 2 kanye over wayne any day

  14. I like both.

    Listening to Hear em Say feat. the dude from Maroon 5... What a sick track.
  15. oh that is somethin
  16. Kanye is in the top 3 for best rapper alive. No arguing.

  17. On pure spitting ability I wouldn't put him there, but as an overall package he's right up there.
  18. Bitter Sweet feat John Mayer is also unbelievable.
  19. yea i def agree wit u on that 1
  20. Kanye is a cocky, arrogant mutha fucka who is so full of himself.
    But with that said, he makes some damn good music.
    Up there with my favorite rappers: Common, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli and Nas.

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