Kanye West - Yeezus - June 18Th

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    Kanye's new album Yeezus drops June 18th. 
    He premiered his newest song "new slaves" in 66 locations world wide outside projected on buildings.
    He performed "New slaves" and "black skinhead" on SNL this weekend.
    Can't wait to hear the album, sounds good so far.
    "official" cover art.

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    Cant wait for that Kendrick Kanye collabo

    but this kanye album should be amazing as always
  3. did some lurking on kanye and he really isn't a bad guy, the media is really eating him up and this album should be good.
  4. Kanye makes great music.

    But he's an elitist.

    In todays day and age its sooo hard to focus "just on the music" when he's on every news outlet and this and that

    And also..to me its funny this guy has beef with SNL, even shit talking the show and the fact he wouldn't do sketches as recently as a few days ago, yet he goes on said show to debut new songs talking about the problems in America....da fuck?
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  5. Apparently mac miller is not only dropping his album in june, but dropping it on the same day as this. Announced today. Bold move. This will be a great album. 
  6. Cole is the 18th of June too..
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  7. New Slaves is soo fucking nice.
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  8. I like kanye west, hes got some dope rhymes rather then just murder hoes murder hoes
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  9. stupid =/= bold

    Bold is doing what J. Cole did, and moving his a week up to match kanye.

    What Mac Miller did is just plain stupid; even J Cole will be greatly overshadowed by Yeezus, Mac Miller doesnt stand a chance at relevance on that day.
  10. What mac miller and j.cole have planned is that people buying kanyes album that day will also pick up their project. Hiphop shoppers getting their fix. Kanye doesn't have beef in SNL, that wasn't what he was talking about.
    The lyrics on this album about to be crazy. Hopefully he recruited lupe for a track maybe.
  11. kanywest.com
    yea mouse over the album cover, the sampling is raw and i know that song's gonna be dope
    honestly though new slaves and black skinhead were extremely disappointing to me
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  13. this shit is next level.
  14. I like it a lot.
    The sample at the very end of New slaves. what is it.
  15. blackskin heads my favorite song...
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    man this shit sucks lol and thats coming from somebody that loved my twisted dark fantasy, watch the throne. cruel summer basically all the recent shit
    but this is just too weird for me the beats are fuckin terrible i dont know what yeezy was thinkin
    as soon as the beat dropped on the first song i knew it was gonna be dissapointing lol cruel summer was ALOT better then this garbage imo
    there aint 1 song on here close to devil in a new dress, blame game, runaway, gorgeous, so appalled etc
    Why are people comparing this to my dark twisted fantasy? it is nothing even close to similar, same with WTT and cruel summer.
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    You just have to open up to something new. This albums not like any of his other albums, it's more like 808s in the way that the musically its groundbreaking. I know im bout to bang this shit tuff in the whip.
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  19. Real talk, the first song "On sight" is dope as fuck he had bars..... "No sports bra,lets keep it bouncin'" "She got more niggas off then cochran" "how much do i not give a fuck, lemme show you right now before you give it up"
    this album has no skits....or intro either. LOL kanyes g as fuck.
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    I first started listening and wasn't really feelin it too much but it definitely grew on me since I knew it was just kanye doin Kanye. He knows if hes not gonna be the top lyricist hes damn sure gonna innovate and its exactly what hes doing on this album.
    I am pretty sure the first 3 4 songs on the album are Daft Punk produced, which is cool to me since Ive been a fan of them forever and who doesnt love their and Ye's last collabo

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