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  1. Hi guys new to the forum :hello:

    Anyway I've grown for about 2 years and have 6-8 crops under my belt. I have just ordered 10 of the above seeds from seedsman and am wondering if anyone has any experience in growing this strain. I've searched the boards on this and another few forums, google searched and asked friends about this strain to no avail!!

    So can anyone here help as to what yields I'll be looking at per plant, what the bud is like to grow and any other info on the strain.

    On the site where I got them the breeders comments say from 30-60grams per plant indoors obviously this is gunna be from the best pheno of a group.

    I'm running 1-400hps and 1 600hps over 10 plants all in 10ltr pots in a space around 2x2 roughly it's basically half my tent I got these in.

    So anyway any help would be much appreciated as I never done an auto strain before. I'll post pics on the way through to keep you all in the know.

  2. Well the seeds came today got them in the jiffys and straight into the propagator with my fan heater in my tent. I'll post pics from when they sprout So keep coming back as no one else has posted anything on this strain so it could be interesting to see what happens.
  3. If you make clones of your best female plant with the 1000w lights you should be able to get at least 1.5 lbs or 68 grams per plant! What nutrient recipe are you using that would give me a better idea of the yields possible!

    With my recipe and a 1000w no CO2 I yield 1.5 Lbs with CO2 2 Lbs. Tho I prefer using 600w since theres less heat and still get anywhere from 1.25 Lbs to 1.45 Lbs!
  4. ^ this is an automatic right? i doubt he will be able to get 1.5lbs no matter what with 10 of those plants unless he is a pro and has a perfect run....I am subbed to see this grow..sounds promising! :hello:

    also if this is an Auto how can he clone?

  5. Ye this is an auto strain and unfortunately cannot clone from them :( my set up is pretty bang on apart from CO2 I haven't really entered into the realms properly just used Co2 pellets on a my last grow of NL5 I got 8oz from 2 plants with 3 weeks veg and 9 weeks flower. I'd be super stoked if I got 1.5lbs from auto's I never done them before but have heard the yields aren't as good. I'll be posting pics etc throughout so will keep u posted, cheers for the input :)

  6. I'm in the Uk so I don't know if you will have the same nutes as us but I'm using ionic coco grow and ionic coco bloom and the weeks 4-6 I'll be using advanced nutrients big bud - that's a bloom booster and I don't know wether or not to use cannazym and rhizotonic with the autos as I don't know how it will affect the growth?? Any help is appreciated :)
  7. Ok, I'm going to need the NPK of your nutrient. You could use cannazym and rhizotonic with any plant. Tho honnestly I dont believe in those products!

  8. Yo the NPK on the grow is 2:1 - 0:7 - 2:6
    And on the bloom it's 1:5 - 1:4 - 3:1
    I haven't got the big bud to hand it's in my loft n I'm baked as f**k right now n don't fancy tackling my ladders lol
  9. lol...wow really not the same system! Over here its like 7.4.11 is my base nutrient. Then I add some 10.30.20 & 00.52.34 & 00.00.50. Check out my grow guide all explained in there!

  10. Yeah must be because we use metric and you guys use imperial measurements hey? Anyway I'm off to buy myself a new relay unit and timer today and maybe a new thermometer if they got the gadgety one with the probe in the shop :)
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    Went to the grow shop today got my timer and a new thermometer also bought a new 600w bulb and have had a dilemma my tent is now overheating the old bulb only had 3 grows from it and its started flickering during my last grow but my temps were perfect when using it from new?? So I'm left with no option at the moment but to only use my 600 but I know this is going to affect the grow I'm hoping I'll be able to afford another intake fan before these puppies start to flower!!

    On a brighter note I have checked my jiffys and 9 of the 10 have sprouted already so I'm happy with that and there's still time for the other to pop yet I'm hoping to see them pokin through by the end of tomorrow :)
  12. Dr Green, 1.5 pounds per plant indoors? With one 1,000 watt light?

    I'd love to see some pictures of your grow! Where can we see some?

    I'd change my ways in an instant if I could get 1.5 lbs per plant with one light. I really am interested...

  13. 1.5 lbs per / light. If your using a 1000w its best to place 12 plants and if your using 600w place 9 plants! You could get 2 lbs per plant under a 1000w if you only place one plant ;) Let it veg for 5 to 6 months and then flower until ready
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    Yo guys

    Sorry it's been a while but have been uber busy the last few weeks also had some trouble with the seeds, all of them died about a week in :( don't know what caused this to happen.

    Changed all my nutes incase it was something to do with that cleaned everything in boiling water again and re ordered my big band auto seeds from attitude seeds this time, tbh the seeds look a lot healthier than the ones from the last website I purchased from, I also got 5 free seeds kannabia White dominia and smile both fem and a few auto flowers from sweet seeds, fast bud, speed devil #2 and the a fem green poison so quite a few strains to have a go at over the coming months.

    Anyway I soaked 5 of my big band seeds yesterday and within an hour or 2 they had all sunk to the bottom of my container so transferred them onto damp tissue in my propagator went out for a drink and when I returned about 8 hours later they had all popped, went in and checked this morning and all 5 have healthy tap roots I'll keep checking throughout the day too see if I can transplant into jiffys at some point today but I'm pretty sure they will deffo be ready by the time I get back from work tomorrow.

    As you can probably tell from my ranting I'm pretty excited to see just how quick these seeds have germed and rooted and cannot wait to see the results I'll keep you all posted on how it's going.


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