Kane & Lynch

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  1. Has Yall Ever Play These Games Before? They Lit An Crazy. Kinda Remind Me Of Some GTA Type Stuff TBH. What Do Yall Think Of Them?

  2. I played around with it back in the day, but I couldn't get into it...Controls were wonky and made gunfights rather unbearable, dug the story though, wish the controls weren't so bad because I would have liked to finish the story.:coolalt:
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  3. Yea The Controls Take Some Gettin Used Too. The Story Lit AF Tho.

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  4. Oh An I Forgot To Mention The Second Game Is Just As Good Too.

  5. Vague memories
    I mix this game up with max Payne for some reason
    It was OK but the control was a bit of hit and miss a lot if I remember correctly

    My G13 game pad died......sad day
    The new ones suck and I barely have the temperament for pc games

    Hope everything is going well Toni
    Took a few hits off a joint of star mints and it tasted awful
    This flower is known for flavor and vapes nicely but I can no longer combust after vaping for so long
    It will tastes like ash in a joint but earthy, spicy in a flower vape
    However I'm ripped off 3 hits as you can tell from this all over the place post

    Saturday night staring at the walls
    I need to get out more
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  6. never heard of it tell us more:
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  7. Lol Basically Kane Isa Hitman An Lynch Isa Psychopath An At The The Beginning Of The First Game They Get Broke Outta Prison By A Organize Crime Group While They Gettin Transported Ona Prison Bus. So They Get Involve With Those People From There An Go On Doin Missions An Stuff Like GTA Games.

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