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  1. Hey -
    I'm started this grow journal so I can keep track of what I did for what day, and the fact that this time around I am attempting to grow SCROG... Ill post pictures when I can...

    I got these seeds from my best friends Dad who grows medically. He's given me weed from these strains before, it was some really great stuff. He brought seeds back from Hawaii and Jamaca (I think thats how you spell it?) from some marijuana he bought there. He gave me 10 seeds from each strain. (20 in all) And I randomly pulled out one and planted it on Thursday (Dec 5) It sprouted about 10pm Sunday night (Dec 8), and it started its first real leaves Monday (Dec 9) morning...
  2. interesting!
  3. Yes it is interesting... lil bit of an update today... My plant is still a cm tall, but it has its first leaves, and now working on second it looks like :-D .... and I don't know if its a trait of the plant, but it has purple leaves... I cant remember if it was a trait or not, so we'll see...
  4. Small update - I do believe that my plant is indica because its growing REALLY broad leaves!
  5. Well my first two sets of leaves are fully developed, starting on the 3rd. I switched this morning from soil, to hydro.... by using 1ltr pepsi bottles cut in half and filled with perlite, and holes in the bottom placed into a small tub of water, to wick up. I also planted 3 more and place them into there... lets see what happens!
  6. sounds like your doing just fine..get those pics soon?
  7. Update.... I've added an air pump, with a bubble stone. Those 3 seeds I planted in hydro also popped up yesterday!
  8. added any fish with that pump and bubble stone?
  9. I personally add goldfish 'cause they are so filthy and really give the plants the shit they need
  10. Wont those fish get hurt with the chemicals ? If not I would:) And personally, Ill send Martin a picture of my fishes just for the hell of it:)
  11. LOL,

    PS. anyone reading these posts? i'm only joking about the fish....
  12. Goldfish on steroids will make your plants huge. Seriously now, have you ever used aquarium water?? I think it might be somewhat beneficial, constantly oxigenated and full of fish debris.
  13. ummm ya might be on to something with the fish, ha.
  14. Actually I think I stick with good ole made for indoors ferts. My last grow I used compost indoors and developed a gnat problem that took me almost 5 months to eradicate. Dam flies. A real pain in the arse, with fly strips everywhere I kept getting them stuck in my hair, ouch! Glad I'm over that huge hurdle.
  15. LOL...at first I was like "what tha" and then for a second I thought "ah the fish brings oxygen to the roots, what a great technigue to use with hydro" oh man I'm high.

    Yea I had a problem with gnats too, I think the larvae was in the humus manure.
  16. hmm, fish shit as fert's sounds like it could b beneficial to the plant growth, or it could kill them from all the crap a goldfish has. Also the fish may eat the root's once they grow into the water therefor killing the plant by destroying the root system ;)
  17. Another good GROWTH PHASE mix is 1/4 tsp Peter's 20/20/20 fertilizer per gallon of water, with trace elements and oxygen added, or fish emulsion. Fish emulsion is great in the grean-house or outdoors, where smells are not an issue, but is not recommended for indoors, due to its strong odor.

    quoted from grow guide :p

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