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  1. HAs anyone on here grown it indoors?
    I have a little over 7ft ceilings planning to use 1000w HPS. Is that tall enough to bud out?
  2. i'm thinking NOT. i have some myself that i thought i could scrog in my 4x4 room which doesn't seem possible unless that's all i grew in there and i have about 9 other strains i wanted to grow.

    you could definately grow it indoors if you SCROGged it, but i don't know what size you'd need to build. all i know is that 1.5' square isn't big enough. maybe you could do it in a 3' X 3' or so SCROG, but i'm not an expert there.

    you know what? since we BOTH wanna do KM indoors, i'll start a new thread in the general indoor growing forum. stop by there to see what the experts have to say.

    pop by this thread. i think you and i will get better results there than here.
  3. Thanks for your reply. My question is more about the height. The actual size of the room isnt of importance to me because its about 3x bigger then I would ever consider using for a grow. I know they grow quite a bit higher then the indicas. But dont want to be a month before shes ripe to find out the ceiling isnt high enough.
  4. 7 feet is pretty low for growing a sativa. you need at least a foot clearance between the light and the plant (i think it's even more) and indica hybrids easily get 6 feet tall. you might be able to pull it off if you prune it down or train it lower, but i doubt you'd be able to do it full height.

    i'm whizzed off myself as i had planned on SCROGging from the beginning SPECIFICALLY because i know that's the best way to do sativas indoors, but now that i've popped $100+ on kali mist beans, i find i can't even do that in my 4X4.

    i posted the previous link in the wrong forum and re-created it in the right one just now and replaced the old link with the new one in case you want to follow that topic
  5. well its looks as though we'll be doin a first (kali mist indoors).
  6. oh i'm sure it's been done before because i'm pretty sure that the one bud of kali mist i was given 10 years ago was indoor too.

    there has to be people growing sativas indoors, but just giving the plants the space they need and training them.

    stay tuned to the thread i posted in general indoor, it was getting alot of feedback it's first day out. i'm trying to get all the solutions i can.

    one way or another, we'll BOTH get some of that happy hot red pepper bud;)
  7. Im growing Kalie Mist indoors right now. She has been in flowering for 44 days and just started forming buds last week. Compared to the Haileys Commit i have which is about 2 weeks from being harvested the Kali Mist is much taller (around 3 feet). Ill have some updated picture in the next 5 days or so.
  8. usually, i don't care diddly about pics when RESEARCHING strains because my philosophy is "you can't smoke a pic", but i already know how kali mist smokes from experience and looking at those pics would give me a clearer idea on how to tame the stretch.

    if i had my way, i'd grow the giant IBL sativas like thai, panama red, cambodian & malawi gold.

    those are really difficult to do indoors though unless you want to dedicate a huge space to just one plant.

    frog it, i'm just going to take a whack at it and see if i can train my few larger plants to the sides of the wall. if they fail, they fail. i'll have extra beans for either an outdoor grow next season or a bigger scale indoor grow down the road.

    maybe the biggest issue with trying to get quality info on indoor sativas is that no-one wants to even TRY.

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