K this ? prolly sounds real dumb but ya...

Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Have you ever been trippin so hard that you feel like you are gonna completely lose it? Like youll have no more control? And you feel like if you let go youll either go completely insane or die? Is it ok to just let go? Cuz i always try as hard as i can to hold by callin people and talkin and shit. Im just real scared to let go completely but who knows it could be good. Does ne one else get like this or have they ever "let go" completely and just let themeselves drift off?
  2. i wouldnt worry about it unless your doing multiple drugs with large doses. if its just one drug and its nothing that much more than a normal dose, just relax and enjoy!
  3. Yah it happens to me on DXM my first time tho i did one and a half bottles of Vicks 44 with pseudophedrine in it which can kill you at the dose i took. I really thought i was gonna lose it. My brain felt like it was floatin away out of my head and i had to like keep pullin it back in. I made my friend turn on the light and all kinds of shit i really thought i was gonna die but i was tryin to act as straight as i could. and that was even b4 i realized how much pseudo i had done. It was real shitty i think i almost did die my heart was goin all crazy and every now and then i could feel it like "squish" it was crazy. I have a heart murmur too.

  4. Yah it makes perfect sense thnx :) Cept now kinda makes me scared to let go lol.
  5. lol ok but damn its just like you can feel that suttin is for sure gonna happen like trip REAL hard or die or go insane lol you just can feel that like it will take you to somewhere else. you know what i mean? You just know its gonna change what you are feelin right then. lol
  6. mind rules over body.

    you just gotta beleive in your mind that nothing bad will happen, like highlygirl said just trust yourself to know that nothing bad will happen. BELEIVE that you are in control.

    crazy shit like my dad is always tellin me "just tell yourself something and it will happen". For example on the rare occasion he gets sick, he pretty much just "wills" himself out of it in like a day, pretty much just tells his body with his mind that he is not sick. and it works. one of the best examples of mind rules over body.
  7. Ill have to try it some time. I really wanna try acid and shrooms here as soon as possible. Im kinda scared ill have a bad trip but i keep thinkin you know when you start freakin out just tell yourself your not gonna die and its just a trip. That didnt help tho last time i tripped. Cuz no matter how many times i told myself i wasnt gonna die i didnt believe cuz it just seemed so.......... right for me to die then like it made perfect sense (as things tend to do when your trippin) and well im just scared that will happen again. The halucinations and shit wont scare me its thought of dyin. i am SOOO scared of death especially death from drugs i think its so sad to die when you arent even thinkin regular. its not fair.

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