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K prices.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MidwestBear, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Okay I'm pretty sure that everyone has their own opinion on this but I got a question. Our term is "K". I think it is just because it's Kansas. I would say it's high mids. I used to buy "K" at 5 a G from my cuz. Now my other cuz is charging me 50 a quarter so like 7 a gram? Something like that. It's always been dank and not flat smelling like reggie and not many seeds.

    Just wanted to know if that's a good deal for K. Also realize i'm from a blackhole for weed.. One love stoners :smoke:
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    Since u live in ks the prices have gone up and its become more rare because of this. lol I haven't seen any real k town since this happened and I use to get it 30 a q so a 20 dollar jump isnt that bad but I do recomened looking at it because it could just be good lookin regs... I've been looking for k forever now it just all got up and the cops took it away
  3. It's called k town k for short its named after Kansas city
  4. 50 a quarter for mids. thats abit high of a price.

    and that article is like 2 years old. im sure they resupplied the city.
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    Bro I live in the city I'm telling u since that happened k has been rare
  6. makes way more sense now. thank you, that was really helpful lol smoke up
  7. i'm not to far from you bro i'm up in council bluffs iowa, and if i was just to pick up a quarter it would run me 25, but the quality is always different sometimes its super bomb, light green probably the same buds your talking, and some times its alright just seedy or maybe on the dense side.

    I think 50 a quarter especially from family is pretty outrageous there shouldn't be more then 1 to 2 seeds to a quarter at that price, minimum.
  8. You dont know k town lmao its all good reggie man.. I use to pay 90 a zip miss that shit. . . Anybody found any?

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