K pickup(pics)

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  1. Just grabbed this vile of K. Shit is really good as usual from my plug.

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  2. mmmm. love me some special K. however last time i took it i was rolling on 4 hits of X. that was fucken nuts
  3. lucky

    i've been waiting to try it for some time now
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    told u it would be better to post it here :p

    i see your K and raise you mine
  5. Ha word! Is that a vile? Looks like more maybe. How potent is it?

  6. I cant really judge the potency as it was my first time. but about 1/3 of that had me feeling super

  7. How much is in the bag? It takes a bump the size of lincolns head on the penny for me to be fucked up for refrence and I got a tolerance to it.
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    Enjoy you 2, I can get K but I've heard it's cut, so meh

  9. not sure but it cost me 40$
  10. Ya I probably wouldn't fuck with cut K. Some of the K around here is cut with tasty puff drops that are cooked with it so it's flavored but I won't touch it. I like the pure shit.
    Half vile most likely. Paid 75 for my vile
  11. theres a gram in a vile right?

  12. yea pretty sure it was a half vile
  13. Yup should be if its cooked properly. Sometimes .9xx if its on the stove too long.

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