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  1. I miss my old journal...the site I was on has apparently closed down...sigh...been there for 5 years. So, here I am, comin' in the front door with clean shoes :)

    I have a small facility, in which I utilize the space to the maximum. I keep as under the radar as possible...which means a very, very low profile!! I have some images from my last harvest (that's where I left off with my last journal - sorry, but part of "low profile" means I don't keep images locally, so I don't have any from my previous grows!!). Tomorrow, I'll snap some more photos to show you what things look like and where "the cave" is at these days. Here are the specs:

    Size: 10' x 10'
    Flower 4' x 5' - 1, 1000W HPS
    Veg Area #1 4' x 5' - 4 fluorescent fixtures, 2 T8 bulbs each
    Veg Area #2: (the nursery) 3' x 6' 3 fluorescent fixtures, 2 T8 bulbs each

    Current stock:
    Flower: 7 plants, all at end of week 7
    Burmese Kush: 5
    Bubblegum: 1
    Kwazulu: 1

    Veg Area #1: 6 plants, all at "week 4 stasis" until flip, in 5-gallon buckets
    Kwazulu: 1
    5th Element: 3
    Burmese Kush: 2

    Veg Area #2: 9 plants in 6" pots, all at "week 4 stasis" until flip
    Gorilla Glue #4: 1
    Cherry Haze: 4
    Fire Lemon: 2
    5th Element: 2

    Also in Veg Area #2, a 32-site cloner, containing 12 clones...all day 5, all with roots showing:
    Burmese Kush: 4
    5th Element: 4
    Kwazulu: 1
    Cherry Haze: 1
    Fire Lemon: 1
    Gorilla Glue #4: 1

    Okay, so...photos tomorrow!

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