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  1. Hey GC, so I just got a new 18inch tall 5mm thick white label roor with a roor diffy, heady slide, the works for my b-day which just passed ((Valentines Day))... To keep my girlfriend from always pulling out the diffy when she grabs the slide could anyone help me on a size K-clip to look for?... Its an 18.8 mil tube the K-clip sizings just confuse me and after checking out google i didnt learn much... Any help?

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    Get a 19/22 K-clip.. the first number represents the diametre (18.8 -> 19), the 2nd number represents the length of the gong connection..but doesn't really matter too much. the first number is what is important. 19/xx will work for ya

    /edit1: I think rvbball is mistaken, 18.8mm joint -> 19/xx k-clip. Also, the clips come in all colours and many different sizes from what I've seen.. so the 19/22 (or 19/xx) ones could be blue, black, white, w/e.. the 1 I have is black.
  3. thank you buddy!
  4. Get the 20mm one. I think that's the size for an 18.8 joint. You can find them on eBay. There's only two sizes of Keck clips, for 14mm joints and 18mm joints. I don't think there is one for the 29mm joint.
  5. Size 18 joint? That is a size 19 clip, which should be the blue one.
  6. Color doesn't mean size at all. It's just for prference.
  7. What if you got a low profile downstem?

    The joint on mine's an 18.8 and goes down to a 14 on the diffy, which goes into the joint..

    still go with a 19/22?
  8. 19/xx will fit any 18.8mm joint. i have a 19/something on my tubes and they both do work, son. :bongin:
  9. bangin. thanks homie.

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