K And E Killing Time-------:)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by elementxero, Jul 3, 2002.

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    \'\'\'\'\'-. .-\'\'\'\'\'
    (@) (@)
    ----| |----
    ---(, ,)---

    this looked way better before i discovered the annoying no spaces formatting rule...
  2. do you want to try my ascii style? you think your ascii style can defeat me?


  3. fuck this i cant deal with no spaces allowed.
  4. **********
  5. goddamn i\'m soooooo bored this day is dragging like a boring thing that sucks and i hate it and if it ends i will like the fact that it is over because then it wouldn\'t be today anymore because today is the worst thing i ever saw or felt or befouled into a thousand threeves. Yeah I said threeves. Who is gonna call me on it? You?! I don\'t think so buddy, if you only knew what is going on in this nodule of nonsense you would gasp and behold the everlasting snake for as long as you could handle with your cold deadly eyes and for once, MAYBE JUST ONCE you could listen to the feelounds that pour into eternal quaaaaaaaaadjenhosen. %(
  6. Lion hearted thieves steal my every thought. DAY AND NIGHT DAY AND NIGHT. They follow me around with their little sacks and steal my thoughts. One thought---GONE.

    Can\'t even arrange my actions based on their theivery. Mind scramble. It\'s like when the digital record skips. It can\'t happen, but it just did. LOVE--SEX--COPS.

    The clock spins round and round, but on such a small scale (seconds) that I can\'t actualize my fantasy for it to be five.

    Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock FUCKYOU Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock FUCKYOU Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock



    Time is like an essense, blow out my breath and feel the reminescence, used to be a killer, ice cold murderer--thriller. Make a buck on a death. just dont give a fuck.

    They stand before me, sobbing. They know their time is up. I feel as though I should have pity on them, but I feel nothing. Nothing but a sense of purpose. I must complete my mission, my task. One becomes overwhelmed by fear, the adreniline pumping with a sense of purpose, he lunges at me. I end his burst of self-rightous attack power with a pull of the trigger. His limp body hits the floor hard, and I\'ve had enough of this. Quickly leveling my muzzle at each of my victims, I squeeze off shot after shot until all of them are dead. Feeling pleased with myself, I stroll out of the doors of congress with a smile on my face.

    Truly the only way to institute drastic change is with drastic measures. And so we are cleansed.
  7. Psycopathic, telepatchic.... you can never understand my level of subconsciousness. Even if you could, would you be so foolish to delve beneath the rigid surface. It would be futile for you to even attempt such an impossibility. Such is the way that your entire life will play out. A series of impossibilities governed by your weak will. Any who try to stand against my mental swarm will be filled with overwhelming anguish, anxiety... unobstructable thoughts of murder flow all around like a transient energy, never stopping always swirling and sometimes filling my head with flights of unending rage.... will it ever stop? will you be saved from the inexplicable wrath that is your existance?
  8. hahahaha i just read that while stoned, >_< so many little szziips slllsszizipops uhoh. thats a bad sound now. ^_^ stooooned a lot aaaaaaaaaaa lot hahahahahahha :smoking: <8>_<8> where is everybody?
  9. calm yourselves subject A and subject B, you\'ll ruin the experiment.
  10. I have no idea what u guys are talking about i\'m sure you all use code...

  11. nope its all stoned gibberish, actually.

    As a matter of fact, yesterday after me and kron smoked out we talked in spanish for like 20 minutes. Dont know where that came from either lol.
  12. Just what do you two space cowboys do for a living?

    Sounds like you got a lot of free time!:)

    Which brings me to my point.

    Work is fine thing, if it does\'nt take up too much of your free time.
  13. I work at a company and manage their web site, netadmin, hard/soft-ware troubleshooting, building comps. Basically whatever technical-esque thing they need done. I got KronosX a job their this summer.

    Lol, our boss calls us the \"Web Stoners\" ;)
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