JWH-018 Brownie Freak Out/Scared as eff

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  1. alright so im gonna start by saying that ive never been on this site before, and i was quickly reading around, and it looks like there are many people on here that know about different drug side effects. So here's my story / problem.

    Alright so two weeks ago last friday, my friend got some brownies with the chemical JWH-018 in them. i bought one, and had one around 12:00 at night.

    so im on my computer, chillin, waiting for the effect to happen, and then i guess it hits me pretty hard. I start feeling very numb all over my body, and it kinda felt like weed, except very "chemically" if you know what i mean. at about 1:30, being bored, and being a 19 year old teen with no girlfriend, i decided to masturbate. Seeing as i couldnt feel anything, the orgasm was rather intense, and i proceeded to shake for like an hour after. Trying to go to sleep at like 3 in the morning, i felt really weird, my body was feeling weird forces and pressure, yet i was still numb.

    The next day, i was pretty high off the JWH still because it has like a 24 hour time span, and was pretty high, and still very numb. This is when i started to get scared. I didnt want this lasting for any longer and i didnt know what to do. I texted my friend who sold me the brownies and he said to just wait it off, everyone else said the same thing, so i was conviced that time was the only cure.

    Later that night, i went to a party, had a few drinks, played some BP, and still felt pretty high/kinda tipsy.

    i went to bed, woke up on sunday, felt pretty fine, except i still felt numb.
    This was when i started freaking out. i googled JWH-018 and saw nothing of this type of thing happening. the rest of that week, i felt like this, kinda paranoid and still pretty numb.

    The next friday, i decided to masturabate again, this time, it was almost as intense, and right after, i instantly became extremely fucking high, really numb, and kinda freaked out. later that day, i drove and smoked some cigars with some friends and went to one of their houses to chill. I felt almost completly numb, remotely high. For the next two days, i felt this way, and i was starting to have anxiety attacks and it felt like i was gonna die.

    The next week, (this week now), i still feel kinda weird, dont feel to good at the moment, and ive been having a few panic attacks and idk what to do.

    i have no idea if its all mental or somethings actually happening, or im just having flash's whenever i "do it". I have no idea when this is gonna go away or if it already has or what.

    I have no idea what to expect next, this whole thing is really weird, and im totally fucking scared out of my mind.

    If anyone has any like, suggestion, or anything at all, please post some type of advice because this shit is whack.

    *no clue where this thread should go though, so my apologies to mods if i messed up*
  2. haha yeah i limit my jwh smoking to a blunt max

    its an intense feeling like a super mid high

    i wouldn't want it lasting that long ' find out how much he put in the brownies
  3. why do people smoke this shit?

    just buy weed. its much better for you and its about the same price.

  4. yaeh i mean like, this whole thing is mad weird, and im bugging out.

    fucking ridiculous shit though.

    ill try and check.

  5. probation bihh duh

    yeah it happens sometimes brownies aren't supposed to last that long but like people will tell you jwh is new so the side effects haven't been tested

    and you're the first i've heard to eat jwh brownies so maybe thats what its like when its almost pure

  6. fuck.

    conclusion then: dont eat JWH brownies, you will die.

    but on a serious note, i neeeeeeed some type of advice from somebodyy thats ever had and type of experience like this before
  7. You should find out how much were in the brownies for sure.
    Also i think this is mainly mental. You need to relax and i would suggest not taking any more drugs for a little while to allow your body to recuperate, including beer and tobacco.

    I have a theory. Sometimes i will get hung up on something like maybe my hair being to long and in my eyes or like something that just constantly bothers me, so i keep thinking about it, and it persists to bother me. Maybe, just Maybe, you have your mind on this too much and so the problem keeps persisting.

    Did you have a negative experience on your jwh-018 trip? It kind of sounded like you did. Bad trips can stay with you. i know its not a psychedelic but bad experiences in general stay with you longer.

    Forgot to mention, if this doesn't stop see a doctor. Although it would be best to tell him your friend had brownies in his fridge and you ate one unknowingly. I don't know if they still do this but at one point they would call the police if someone admitted to taking an illicit substance.
  8. Dude, if I was u I would keep jerkin off. If it felt that good, then why ruin a good thing? :D

    On a serious note, drink some green tea and shit. Try to flush your system. Take some vitamins. I bet u will be fine in a few days. If not, then u need to go to a doctor. Fuck what u hear on a weed site. :D
  9. yeah you gotta just keep taking deep breathes when it gets overwhelming and basically try to buzzkill yourself and just act as sober and natural as possible

    hopefully it'll at least make it a little less intense

  10. well jwh-018 to my knowledge is not illegal, but yes id say something like that,

    and im pretty sure its mental too, but ts just weird. its been pretty crazy, i think i may be overthinking this entire thing too much but im not sure, like i start thinking about shit i really shouldnt be thinking about.

    and yeah ive been drinkign a lot of water. about 2-4 liters a day.

    but seriously thanks for all of the advice keep it coming.
  11. This guy speaks the truth.
  12. i still feel very spacey, and not like myself at all. idk what the fuck is going on.

    about to go see a doctor if this continues...
  13. I've heard of people describing similar things after JWH-018 experience, i'd goto the doctor and just straight up tell him, doctors don't care if you do drugs so you'll be fine.
  14. You'll be fine man. the LL 50 for humans is pretty high I think. You probably just added to much in the mix beacuse that can cause you to be fuckin confused and feel werid.
  15. so, since he hasnt posted in almost an hour now...
    RIP OP
  16. JWH-018 is an untested research chemical that produces similar effects to cannabis, we don't know any of the long/short term effects in animals.

  17. nah i think he will be iight
    if he was gonna die he would of been dead
    i think it probably just took to much
    its just taking time to get out of him or something

    aye that would be crazy a drug that keeps u high
    as long as its in ur system
    unlike weed that stays in ur system and not keep u high

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