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  1. i dont hate islams....i dislike those who take the religion completely out of context, and like i said "his" people have absolutely no grasp of god or spirituality as it is...their thoughts are misconstrued by ignorant hatred toward people they have never met, and then to kill yourself in order to kill that person, there is something not right inside your head to do something like that, the people are extremists...

    and to say it is justified, valid or not...validity is part of something being justifiable....if its not valid, then it wasnt justified....
  2. ahhh once again the poor man fights the rich man's war....
  3. I don't agree with what the Taliban did. But I can see how they could have such hatred for the US. Our foreign policy is so incredibly arrogant and wrong that we are giving nation's the world over the royal screwjob for the sake of world trade. fuck world trade, i say (and so does Osama, hence the target he chose), I do not think that terrorism is the right way to fuck it over though. He certainly did get attention. But why would he want tons of attention from the US? So that we could turn his country into swiss cheese?

    When I said "his people", I did not mean Islamic people. Muslims live all over the world and the Taliban is obviously the equivalent of the KKK. I meant the Al-Qaeda fighters, Taliban members, and all who lived in his territory (the Taliban did control 2/3rds of Afghanistan you know). I don't think you have any place to say that they are completely wrong in their belief systems. For every passage in the bible there is unlimited interpretations and not one is wrong, generally the same goes for much of the Quran in question. They are also a very different culture and for the most part are under much more extreme living conditions than most US citizens. When you have to work everyday of your life since age 12 for an American corporation you can get somewhat of a sour disposition towards the US.

    Taliban=bad, US foreign policy= bad, Osama Bin Laden= dead. I just say that the attacks weren't totally unjustified and unprovoked. Nobody should believe the "facts" that big name US news sources spew out without first questioning them. They are the same ones who tell us those "facts" about marijuana, aren't they?

  4. Certainly a good question yo ask. If anybody has the broadest truest opinion of this whole terrorism matter it would be a 3rd party nation that isn't conditioned towards blind hatred for the US or blind patriotism for it either.
  5. By me saying this, dont think I support or agree with that little stupid fuck osama bin laden did....but I can see why he would do something like that....he's actually a really smart man but a real fucked up evil man. I agree with Namron on most part, but I also have a second opinion on the US. We go around and boss everyone else around telling them what to do and what not to do., many people dont deal with that and that results in groups like al-qaeda. I on the other hand still wanna find osama and kick his teeth in and set that rag he wears on his head up in flames.
  6. All I have to say is Power and Controll starts Wars.

    Doesn't matter if you want it , or already have it!

    Critter is a very smart man. Please think about what he is saying.

    The US has told other countries what to do and how to do for so long, sooner or later others will rebel!

    Bush has the power and wants to control the oil, and people in other parts of the world.

    You either agree with him or feel his power.

    When pushed into a corner, do we not rebel to be let out??

    Let there be peace in the world. Not just in the valley!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ahh yes, i can understand all of that, i know full well, that the way that the US handles foreign relations is indeed fucked up...all im saying is that no conditions, or extreme set of beliefs justify the WTC attack.
  8. I agree. Will you not also agree that I am Quaaloon the Happy Whistlin' Shrew?
  9. cows bonin in your shoe? i wish i were high too
  10. high hopes, hes got high in the sky, apple high hopes. for getting high

  11. ill buy it..but only cuz im high
  12. I just sold you a lot of lies Nubbin! I'm not a shrew at all! Shrews can't type... or can they.....

  13. You have to have extreme beliefs to want power and control. The ones of us that don't want power and control, just want love and respect.

    I do understand that in our position, we can't justify or validate what they have done. Hell I can't justify half of what the US has done in the last 35-40 years.

    One thing that is absolutely true. If you believe in something enough, you'll fight to the end to protect it. Just as a man who truely loves his wife or kids, would die to save them. I don't think they would crash planes into buildings to make a point but never the less they would protect their loved ones.

    Would you steal food to feed your hungry loved ones if you had not the money to by the food? I think you would. Others might believe you are crazy for not asking people who have pleanty for some.

    Just a thought!
  14. i understand that, and ya damn skippy i would slaughter anyone who fucked with my family, bottom line, no ifs ands or buts about it...damn skippy i would steal before watching my wife and children starve, but blowing the fuck out of thousands of innocent people would not feed my kids..or, in their case, bring god to earth, or change political standpoints.

  15. Your right. No matter how many people they kill it doesn't help their cause. But they just want to make a statement. Stupid as hell huh?
  16. yup.....now..wouldnt that count as not being completely sane?
  17. Why anybody does anything on this planet boggles my mind. I just want to be left alone to enjoy what time I have.

    War with Iraq???? Over what, the possibility of them having nuclear weapons. Complete and utter bullshit that the mass americans are willing to believe so they can have enough gas to drive their armored personnel carriers (aka SUVs) to starbucks and to the Gap.

    I'll send my kids to go live with critter or unoit before I'll send them to fight over oil.
  18. That is so true BPP. We have more weapons of mass destruction than Iraq ever thought of. Bush is just scared out of his pants because he can't control Sadam it's not even funny. Now if Sadam was to say come on over a take a look for yourself things would be hunky-dory.

    Lets just say Sadam said to come and look. Would the investigating team, be able to say with out a doubt, that there are no weapons of mass destruction? Hell no! Bush wouldn't settle for that answer either.

    Critter My oldest is set on joining the Marines. I think he just wants to prove that he can do it. I don't think it is right to fight just because some one says it is the right thing to do. I still fell the US should have it's Military here to defend against other agressive people. They don't need to be in other countries causing war with people who have not started shit on us.

    I say we all move to critters and smoke up the rest of the time we have on this earth!!!!
  19. we could all come over..and hide the island with a big cloud of doja
  20. war hides his stupidity...to an extent...if he is taking action, some people think "well, hell, at least hes doin SOMETHIN"

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