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  1. I was wondering if anyone had experience ordering from this site. They have a lot of roor perc bongs, which i have never seen or heard of a roor having a perc. I want to order a SYN from there but it just seems sorta sketchy. :confused:
  2. Roor makes bongs with percs. The site doesn't seem sketchy.
  3. they're not sketchy. the roors you saw were roor techs, or roor.us making a new line of roors that have the bells and whistles. i ordered a syn from them, the dome perc, and it was perfectly fine.
  4. roor makes bubblers?
  5. well I know about roor tech and all, but I didn't know they made bubblers, there are quite a few of roor tech bubblers on the site...
  6. Sheldon Black is top quality and made by Roor, or something close to that:p

    I think that bubbler is a little overpriced..i like my diffusion
  7. Awesome, thanks for lettin' me know!

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. But on the Sheldon Black website, it's even more expensive..

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