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  1. Hey guys, i have about a 1.5 months left on these guys and i need money lol. So i was just wondering what kind of yield i should expect. I will try to give as much info as possible.

    Strains: 5 gooeybreeder 13th Oubliette
    1 Chocodiesel

    Light: 250watt HPS
    Veg time: none 12/12 from seed

    Nutes: I use botanicare and i water these guys about once every 2 days and i alternate each water, nutes, no nutes, nutes, etc.
    here is the mL i use of each per gallon

    PBP BLOOM: 40ml per gallon
    Cal-MAG: 10ml per gallon
    Liquid Karma: 10ml per gallon
    Sweet-grape: 15ml per gallon

    I know its alot but they eat it up no problem. I have seen no signs of nute burn yet either.

    I have a powerful desk fan inside and a big room fan that i put in the doorway during the day. I also have emergency blanket up.

    I trimmed the plants off most fan leaves so light can go to the bottom and i took off nodes from the ground up about 3 levels.

    o and also i have two 2-liters with the yeast and sugar water mix to produce some c02, i know its not alot but i do anything i can within my budget for these girls.

    here is the pic of them
  2. right now maybe 2-4 oz. when your done 3-6. really all depends on how good your lighting is. with that 250 hps pushing 6 plants your going to reduce the yeild you could have with 2 or 3 plants under the same light. plus reduce potency.
  3. And cutting off your big fan leaves will cut down on yield as well. The energy the plant uses to develop bud is in the fan leaves. Tie them down, pull them out of the way, or fold them behind other leaves but DON'T cut them.
  4. Hey Cyproz, your grows lookin great man..

    Plants don just grow like that, youre doin good things! Youre plants look great under that light, as long as theyre producing and not stalling, pack as many as you can under there.. As long as it doesnt compromise your ventilation/heat, id try to get reflection around the whole grow.;) Make some (reflective?) stands for the younger plants maybe

    But SOG that shit man, you got it.. Light flows, push them pots together!


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