Just when you think people are wising up and moving forward about pot legalization...

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  1. So, exactly how much Substance D does this police officer take on a daily basis?
  2. Which can also be prescribed to you by a doctor.
  3. ^^ i know right. NOOOO dont smoke the devils pubic hair!! let me prescribe you some meth.
  4. What he said.
  5. So anyone who decides to pursue a career in law enforcement is no longer allowed to have a say in how the country is governed?
  6. oh im sorry we don't make the laws we just enforce them....

  7. No you jackass, the police shouldn't be endorsing these individuals' ideas.
  8. He needs to be assassinated

  9. That is not what he said. He said Police officers shouldn't have a lobby, they can vote like everybody else. Their job isn't to keep marijuana illegal so they can continue to make busts, their job is to PROTECT and SERVE.
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    In all fairness, it's not a cops job to make laws, or peruse laws, or support or detest laws. The only job they have is to enforce laws, and protect the public. We already have tons of people in Congress who can keep marijuana illegal for us, we don't need any help from Sgt. Dickface...

    Like you said, "Law Enforcement". Not law practice, not law making. Law enforcement.

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