Just went to Mickey D's

Discussion in 'General' started by Jizz Master, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. oh man I feel so full and feel like shit, this high feels bad now since i'm sick to my stomach, damn u Mickey D's!
  2. All you need is some fiber.
  3. Go to Wendy's.
    Threeconimics will never fail you.
  4. exactly!
  5. I love McDonald's...

  6. I love Micky D's too... so good after a joint...
  7. me toooo!
  8. Those fruit and yogurt parfaits are the shit.
  9. Screw McDonalds that shit is low quality.

    Red Robin is where its at. Ill throw down 10 bucks for a burger that shit is great when you are high.
  10. Mannn... just have a nice, big, meal BEFORE you're about to get stoned. you won't be as hungry after you've smoked if you have self-control, and you won't feel like complete shit.

    Or you could just not eat mickey d's when you've got the munchies lol.

  11. Truest thing ever.

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