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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tripitaka, May 12, 2003.

  1. haven't had any mj for 4 days. haven't visited grasscity. haven't done anything. and now i have some weed, i'm up and about; taking care of neglected domestic stuff,having decent conversations with my near and dear ones; in fact happier all around; easier to live with etc.
    i missed hearing what you've all been up to, so now i've said my little piece i'm going to roam the forums and see what's new and what's funny etc.
    some dear person, i think on this site, recommended the maddox site- the best site in the universe. and that kept me laughing for days. i haven't laughed for years. he should be on prescription.
    and that led me on to all sorts of related sites, pranks and games and bizarre stories etc. bored.com and boredatwork.com.
    then i started thinking , all this amazing technology, satellite linkk ups, a computer that could run a business, and i'm spending the day at bored.com and other related time wasters. wtf
  2. ummmm,welcome to grasscity ,lol.p.s. ya still gotta come when ya not smokin ,its still a cool place with nice people .
  3. yea dont ditch us can u got no smoke :(

  4. true, im still waiting on mine but im here
  5. I just meant when i ain't got a smoke i'm too depressed to even turn on the computer.
    silly, i know.
    hey critter, you keep changing shape, i can't keep up with you. you're just liike a character out of monkey magic, monkey magic. can't say those words without the tune

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