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  1. Eazy people, I'm a new newbie :) ( I see a post where someone said there a complete Fxxxxxx newb, yet had a concise growing plan) So the only light I have, is the sun... And I'm in the UK! Ha. No budget so on my window sill my Girl sits. No idea what strain as I grew from random seeds I acquired along the smokey journey.

    I shall start another thread with more info and hopefully someone can tell me if my 2girls are healthy.. I think they are o_O

    Thanks for reading, peace out!
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  2. Lol hi from UK based grower..
    Or first time grower nice post.. Wat no photos

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  3. Thanks Being where I am and seeing 'MI 5' pop up, I just had to double check that it was actually your phone and not government services... Paranoia much? Lmao

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  4. Hey nice plants... And that's the name of the phone I am us

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  5. She looks healthy mate :) how old is she? Good luck for growing outside lets hope this beautiful English weather perks up for you lol

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  6. Thank you :coolalt: About 2months... I lost track, unfortunately I have no place outside for it so I'ma get a couple cfl lights. I'm on to 10th floor in a high rise block of flats lol so I get direct sun from 2pm till 9pm. I am serious about growing, but I'm not a serious grower haha
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  7. Unfortunately thing will get very serious in a few months when they taller than you oh and smell! Have you got a cupboard you can keep her in for a grow room?

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  8. I knowww I also have cayenne pepper plants, tobacco plants and a tomatoes plant all in the same room....I'ma just see what's happens lmao there all doing OK so far.

    Yes, I've got a large enough cupboard I can get set up, but I'm so skint atm so equipment will have to wait.

    I'm using basic nutes like fish blood and bone 5-5-6 npk
    But also have a liquid feed 7-7-7
    Not sure of the ph my soils at. Coasting.....
  9. I have a basic set up as well mate, i literally have a cupboard, light and dehumidifier lol

    I would recommend getting an LED light, they have a great spectrum of light for the cheap price :) she's looking happy tho buddy :)

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