Just tried my first QB bud.

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    Technically it was half qb and half platinum led grown. This is some of the densest and best bud I've ever seen. The gland production is off the chart. I want to get it tested. This is Crystal (northern lights x white widow).

    This little bud is like a rock. No give to it hardly at all. It weighs almost 3 grams. It was 3.3g a few seconds before this pic. I packed another bong hit. A quarter would be like two small buds. Its very smooth. The most impressive thing about my bud with the qb is the density. It's crazy. I almost never see bud this dense.
    IMG_0739.JPG IMG_0736.JPG IMG_0737.JPG IMG_0738.JPG
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    Awesome! Does qb mean the quantum board?

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  3. Cant Wait to run these boards. Best descision ever going with these instead of mars hydro or viparspectra. I was so close. Im seeing fantastic results from everyone

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  4. hell yeh man very nice. I noticed an increase in density also. I actually double checked my scale weighing some lemon haze the other day. My skunk seems to have a slightly different sweetness to it this round too.
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  5. Them nugs look frosty AF I'd smoke it:smoking:
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  6. This is the same bud fresh and wet after I did a quick and dirty trim on it. I know it was this bud because I specifically cut one bud down early so I could have a sample ready when I got back to town. IMG_0688.JPG
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  7. Great pix and write up. Enjoy
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  8. Got my qbs and leds working on some autos white widows and northern lights. My first yield with the qb was amazingly dense aswell and that had about 3 - 4 weeks of the qb. They're kick ass![​IMG]

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  9. Nice job TB.

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    I got to jarring up most of the dried bud from this Crystal plant. It filled up 4 racks of my cheapo apollo hanging drying rack. I was thinking maybe 8oz's but I was optimistic it may be higher considering the density of the bud. I just got around to jarring up about 70% of the drying rack. The rest Im letting sit overnight.

    I use quart mason jars to cure. This bud got a little too dry because it's been hot out and I've been busy. It dried faster then usual. It's already smokable in about 5-6 days from being chopped down. I jarred up 7 quart mason jars about 3/4 full.

    A quart mason jar 3/4 full for me is typically around an ounce, maybe into the low 30's in grams. That is the rough way I estimate my yield by how many jars I can pack with hang dried bud. I like to check a jar to make sure it's close to ounce range.

    I just checked a jar of this quantum grown crystal bud. An empty jar is 448 grams on my scale. My jars of dried bud weigh close to 495 grams each. I checked two. That's 47 grams per jar. I have 7 jars full already that's 329 grams from this plant and I have at least two more jars. If they are similar weight which they should be I'm looking at a pound from just this plant. This isn't me weighing wet bud going "Look how heavy it is." This is crispy dry. Probably too dry I should have jarred it sooner.

    I'm cutting a white rhino down right now as well and those buds are wild looking. Foxtailed all over and heavy. My longest colas yet for sure. Forearm size. I think the WR is going to be some very dense stuff too. I also got 3 jars of wonderwoman from a small mom I tucked in the corner.

    Even with cutting my room up like a drunk Brazilian with a machete, spraying for mites enough to get bud rot on a few colas, and having one complete dud plant out of 4 I'm going to be close to 2 pounds out of a 4x4.
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  11. What's the wall draw for both your led and QB? And did you mention you only used the QB for last few weeks?
  12. Have you tried the Boveda packs? Sometimes I'll add a single green fan leaf or even several flower leaves and this can bring the overall jar environment RH up enough to fix things.

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  13. nice to hear that man. I think I may end up getting a couple qb panels for this new year. and alternately hang cobs and QB.

    even for my cob light it's putting on resin and weight compared to a hps, and with dwc my man one can brew giants. as of now I have a pink kush plant in hydro and the buds are huge for the strain, next I have a more indica leaning strain, dark angel, and I'm seing the nodes stack on under a t5 in soil so I can hardly imagine what it's going to do when I cut a clone of her for hydro and put it under qb and cobs
  14. Very nice. I do not do alot of strain hopping as I am a clone "keeper" of a couple old skool strains. Fortunately, they both rock. I do however grow a seed every now and then (I have what is suppose to be Blue Dream sprouting as I type), Point being...I have always thought that in "general" bud density was mostly strain dependent. No?
  15. It is somewhat strain dependent. The crystal is the densest but they are all denser then my bud usually turns out. I'm smoking out of a wonder woman jar this morning. It's only about half full. I just weighted it and it's still an OZ at just half of a jar. The wonder woman is dense but it's not like a rock with no give like the crystal is.

    The other factor that's different about this grow for me is the temps. My temps have been about 85 average or even up to 88 for a high temp. I kept the QB turned up to about 10% down from full for the first month I had it in there. Last week when they were almost done. I dimmed it a good 25% so it wasn't so hard to maintain temps. The high temps could have had a factor in the bud density.

    I haven't got around to getting any bovita packs yet. I know I should.

    My room is coming down today. I'm making a decision to try and clean up and bud one of my veg plants that currently have mites or clone them and chop them all down. I'm going to take my center barrier down and redo it, wipe and clean the tent with rubbing alcohol/water/soap. Then do the same thing every other day for about a week-10 days while my clones root in another room. I need to be mite free again. This is some bullshit. My harvest is going to be big enough to have some time to clean house.
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  16. This is the White Rhino I had to supercrop about 5 tops on. I had one quite a bit larger then this but it ended up with budrot on about 4 buds in the middle of the cola. IMG_0753.JPG
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  17. Good idea on cleaning up and starting fresh dude - I found myself it can be pretty frustrating to try and get rid of spider mites in a full area. Of course it can be done with enough perseverance but it's so much easier to simply clean house and start fresh.

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  18. I tried and tried. I'm done with the extra work involved. My plants are too big to erradicate the mites. In order to properly spray them I have to move them outside and it's freaking raining all the time here.

    I know I can treat some clones. I've been treating the veg plants enough that there's areas that are relatively mite free. I'm just going to carefully select a few clones from each plant and treat them immediately then again maybe 3 times. That should take care of the clones. It's pretty easy to get every surface covered on a clone. No so with a 5ft+ tall bush.
  19. I almost never do this but I finished jarring up the crystal so I wanted to weigh everything I had. I've already cut off a few colas, lost some to budrot, and overall had not the best grow with the mites. I've also been smoking it for a few days.

    I have 409 grams total in 9 jars from that single plant. The White Rhino is about 70% as large.
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  20. Dang good thread guys.
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