Just tried firecrackers

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Papoose01, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I've been wanting to try edibles for awhile and decided my next pickup was going to a firecracker. I ate it like 10 minutes ago. It was just some soda crackers with nutella smeared on both of them and like .6 of herb (I couldn't fit any more on them I wanted to put more.) and cooked it at 320 for 21 mins.

    I smoked an L right before I ate the treat, and was surprised at how good it tastes :smoke: Maybe because I was high? Everybody says they taste like shit.:confused:

    I'll update when it kicks in, if it does at all.
  2. it does taste like shit sober. You will feel like 2 hours after ingestion. It isn't what you think it is though.
  3. ive done it...was disappointed with the high...and yes its nasty as fuck
  4. Well I tried them exactly 2 hours ago. It just feels like the high from my L just stayed for longer but I also started feeling very low like my body is pulling me down. Starting to feel a bit of a headache, probably gonna pop a movie in and see how I feel before I fall asleep.
  5. Yeahwhen I had it, I felt no head high, only body.

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