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just transplanted from ground to pot,,help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by lace42, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Just move plant from ground into a pot,I did it very gently but she already looking wilted,its only been 20mins is that normal?
  2. Yes, transplanting shocks the roots.
    They should perk back up in a day or two.
    No worries, just make sure they get some water.
  3. Shewwwww,good,thanks lol ,,,I knew it would be alil shocked but just didn't expect it to wilt so quickly,,,thanks again,,

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  4. get it out of the full sun and giv a good drink no nutes for a week .
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    What's are nutes?
  6. Nutrients
  7. Got it!,,,thanks
  8. What kind of nutes are you using ?
    Why did you put her in a pot ?
  9. I had to move her because she wasn't getting enough sun,,<so I thought> iam so new at this I have little knowledge on what exactly to do,,and I have not use any nutrients on them,<didn't know to>I got some fertilizer when my oldest was little but felt weird abt putting chemicals on her,so just did it once,and none in the one I just moved,,any advice is helpful lol im all abt hearing what people have to say,,cause I have all kinds of questions :)

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