Just topped my plant. Did I do it right?

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    Hey guys I just have a quick question about topping... the plant pictured below is about 3 weeks old.


    Each red tick mark represents a node.
    The blue dot you see is where I last topped the new growth. Which I did just yesterday.

    I'm new to growing and was trying to top the the 5th set of leaves.. Did I do that right? Or did I top the 6th set?

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  2. Id say you nipped the 6th, 5-6th its all good....
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  3. Thanks for the response. I was afraid someone would say that..

    with the being said can I go ahead and pluck the 5th set off too? I was trying to mimic LBHs scrog technique and in the tutorial he snips the 5th one.

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  4. looking good, just a few more to go.
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  5. Thanks Red Devil. This is my first time and I'm super excited for what's to come next.

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  6. Should I go ahead and pinch the 5th node off too?

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  7. Let the plant "recover" from topping before you do anything else.
    Topping and FIMing should only be done under the most optimal, healthy conditions of your plant to reduce shock and encourage quick recovery. Just like in any surgery on a person or animal.
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