Just took clones and trimmed (questions)

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  1. So i have 9 plants now we just spotted the last of the males sadly the 2 master kush i had going were both males, so We have a straight bagseed grow now, They are all looking very healthy, although a few of them did grow into our lights (cfl grow...500 watts give or take) and burnt the tops....so we just topped them one more time and made sure to raise the lights a little bit more than before,

    We chose our 5 favorite plants and took 37 clones total...I know some of you are going to say that i shouldn't have taken clones in flowering but i've done the research and they actually grow much bushier than a normal veg clone would....

    Also we took off the bottom branches of each one I'd say about 4 or 5 inches of branches simply because they were inside of the bucket and not getting enough light, and would most likely die anyway....

    Sorry no pics....

    But Now that we took off all the bottom branches will the plant focus on the upper section and grow bigger buds?

    And also if anyone has any experience with taking flowering clones is there anything special i should do for the care of them?

    Thanks guys I Love this place without GC who knows what my plants would look like:hello::smoke:

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