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Just took a bloody shit, should i be worried?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by afgooey, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. so i just took a very difficult dump that had been inside of me for longer than usual, and when i wiped the first time there was a smear of blood. there was no blood in my turd just when i wiped. what could this mean and should i be concerned? i am on a meth t break if that means anything, my shits are usually very easy and regular when i am doing meth. any input is appreciated, thanks!
  2. So the shit has no blood?
    Well best case scenario is you just have some sore/chaffed skin in your crack that bled a little while you were wiping.

    But if thats not the case, I'd recommend you visit your local doctor

  3. yeah stop smoking meth kid seriouslly

    meth makes you poop cause its a stimulant..

    but if thats NOT the case then u could have hemroids

    or your pushing your shit out too hard and it rips the linings of your ANus
  4. Bloody stool is deinitely an indicator that something is wrong internally, though it could be that you're just constipated and had a very hard stool and broke some blood vessels in your anal canal. I'm not usually one to err on the side of caution myself (Hey I coughed up blood two nights ago and I didn't bother to go to the doctor, and I'm fine today), but if you're a cautious type you may want to go visit your doctor, especially if it happens again
  5. blud-butt

  6. Exactly.

    And if your stool was darker in color than usual, it means that there could be blood in it, if that happens you should go to the doctor immediately. I agree that it could just be a broken blood vessel and I probably wouldn't be too worried myself, unless there was a good amount of blood or blood in the stool itself.

    Of course, we are not medical professionals. If you feel like you should go to the doctor about it, certainly go. :)
  7. It sounds like your first period went swimmingly...swimmingly indeed.
  8. LOL at Meth T-Break. Stop smoking meth and you will probably stop bleeding from your anus.:rolleyes:
  9. dont knock it till you've tried it
  10. #10 bobfugy, Aug 27, 2009
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    seriously, just because 95% of the population have no self-control doesn't give you the right to judge others

    oh and OP i experience the same thing sometimes. i attribute it to my ulcers and acid reflux disease, althought I have a very severe case
  11. That is how I learned I had Crohn's Disease.

    I pray for you, my dude!
  12. LMAo hahaha :hello:

    I know you probably know this, but i have a family member with Chron's and she started using some medical herb for the nausea, and its helped her tremendously.
  13. I had this same problem a few months ago.

    Turns out it was some red gatorade I had earlier that day.

    I spilled some of that on my shirt and it even stained that, which has never happened to me with gatorade before.

    Guess they went crazy with the coloring that day...
  14. yea im going with constipated, it was VERY dense and extremely hard to push out one of the hardest in my life. but why bash on me for meth? wtf my life
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    How bad did the shit hurt? Did it hurt so bad you swore it was coming out sideways?

    If there was blood in your shit, thats bad get it checked out. If there is blood when you wipe its proboally because the shit came out sideways.

    proboally a little rip or cut or scratch or some shit on your bunghole.
    If it keeps bleeding, or hurts more/gets infected go to the doctor.
  16. Just moved out here to CO.

    MMJ card is in the works.
  17. You just need a stool-softener
    Talk to your doctor if you want but I recommend Miralax
    Its over the counter and its very gentle, doesn't make you shit yourself just makes shittin' easier.
  18. didnt really hurt that bad it was just extremely difficult even tho im in good shape and it felt like it was definitely making an effort to leave my colon.

    yea thats the plan ima just wait and see
  19. Pics or-... no I'll just take your word for it.

    I would probably go see a doctor

  20. rofl the fact that you do meth makes me not want to help you. Really guy... why do meth? I mean its obvious what it does to people you see pictures and all kinds of shit that meth does. Its just dumb.. but whatever have fun dying from it

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