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  1. Sup GC,

    So I'm always looking for new ways to smoke. Spice things up a little. I've tried everything from smoking weed out of an apple, to smoking out of a kazoo, to solar hitting hash under a glass.

    But what I just tried was by far the most awesome yet.

    I have a small collection of shells in my bathroom (yeah you already know where this is going) from my various scuba diving trips, one of which is a 4-5 inch auger shell (one of those pointy curling ones with an opening). Now I noticed that the tip had been chipped off quite a bit this morning, so I picked it up and tried to blow it like a conch. Whilst it didn't sound, I noticed that the air flowed quite freely through the spiral... and the end looked suspiciously like the perfect place to pack a nug.

    About an hour later after washing it thoroughly with alcohol and water, I packed a smallish nug, lit it, and hit it. Jesus it works SO WELL. I think becuase of how many spirals there are, it cools quite a bit. The result is a thick, monster hit, which isn't at all harsh.

    I highly recommend it.

    Anyone else tried this? Or what's the strangest thing you've smoked out of?
  2. +rep for smokin out uh kazoo
  3. Haha cheers brah. Actually made a tutorial on it :p. Still use it to this day.
  4. Someone's first bowl was a seashell pipe. the guy was selling them for like 6 bucks
  5. Strangest thing i've smoked with is probably a snowball. The snow has got to be fairly moist so it sticks together. Just carve a little bowl out of the side and poke a hole through to the other side for a mouthpiece. And try not to torch your bud too much to minimize melting. It will probably only last for one bowl before it melts anyway, but they are really easy to make. I've used this method twice now.
  6. Wet weed much?
  7. easily one of the dumbest ideas ever, just roll a joint or something :smoke:

  8. Yeah but its worth it for the story
  9. >Implying you're willing to waste good weed so you can sound cool later.

    Naw, man. Naw.
  10. If he's making a snow ball pipe he's not smoking good weed
  11. ummm this is about the strangest thing that someones smoked out of? i doubt he did it on a regular basis.
    i bet you never thought of making a pipe out of snow. its creative as fuck imo.
    and the guy who said it was for a cool story isnt even the guy that made it so what does he know.
    what if he left his piece at home and just picked up and was like 'hey, this sounds different'
    most of us have tried to make a homemade piece that was unsuccessful.
    and what if he wasnt 18 at the time, couldve had a ton of money and no access to pipes.
    I PERSONALLY think its pretty neat. healthier/less hazardous than most of the homemade pieces out there. also, dont gotta hide it!
  12. Holy shit I am going to need pictures cause this sounds too damn good.
  13. Stop bitching about snowballs. The seashell dude hasnt quite got all the accolades he deserves yet imo.
    As a diver and surfer this seashell cone piece sounds pretty bitchin. +rep ma man

  14. i think it's a last resort one his papers probaly got wet in the snow or something
  15. Can you post a picture of what you mean?
  16. Thanks. I've used it a couple times now. Rips like a charm.
  17. please post pics, or .. well ya know.. it didn't happen
  18. Come on dude don't hurt the reefs by taking away shelter for small fish the reefs are in fragile enough state as it is.

    Didn't they tell you look don't touch when you took classes to get your diving license?
  19. People are asking for a picture. Unfortunately, I'm away from home at the moment, but I constructed this epic diagram in paint. The black circle is where the end had broken off (mouthpiece).

  20. Moral highground much? There were literally hundreds of them washed up on the beach.

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