Just tell your parents you weren't watching her...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sad Panda, Jan 18, 2004.

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  1. ...Because you were being arrested for outdated fascist bullshit laws.

    But seriously, those commercials make me want to drive a railroad spike through my eyes. Let me put it this way: here\'s a list of shows I\'d rather watch than another one of those stupid anti-pot commericals:

    \"Cops\", \"My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé\", the newest seasons of \"The Man Show\", \"America\'s Funniest Home Videos\", \"The Simple Life\", Fishing on ESPN, network news, \"The O\'Rielly Factor\"...must I go on?
  2. I saw that commercial..

    The kid next to the pool with a float..

    The commercial says...

    tell the parents you were stoned.. They will understand!!!

    All these commercials are fu*ked up!!!!

  3. Thats what they are saying about the Tenn. lottery...

    They are afraid people will get addicted and but tickets instead of buying groceries for their family..

    They also threw in.....
    not paying light bills
    not making payments on houses
    not paying car notes

    and the list keeps on going..

    People are going to do what they want.. The ones that will do that with the Tenn. lottery already do that by going to KY,Alabama, Georgia, and etc..

  4. hey, i happen to like america\'s funniest home videos...

    (er, fight the power!)
  5. They are showing anti-pot commercials? What the fuck is up with that?! There are billions in the world starving, people being killed, and they spend their millions trying to give marijuana a bad name? Pfft.

  6. Heh, I knew somebody would happen to like one of the shows I mentioned. Well, let me rephrase. \"America\'s Funniest Home Videos\" while COMPLETELY SOBER!

    I\'m jk, if you honestly like that show, more power to ya. I just won\'t watch it with you! :)

  7. If it helps i hit mute during the monologue, i just like the videos :D

    Heh, i\'m a dork at heart.
  8. The whole point they\'re trying to convey with those \"just tell your parents you were getting stoned\" is bullshit. I mean.. i could have just as easily been taking a shit when the girl was playing in the pool.

    Just tell your parents you were taking a shit, and thats why you werent watching her. They\'ll understand...
  9. Grass man I loce your sig, and I also hate those commercails I see them everyday in one of my classes, but the one I hate the most is the one about the swim meet.

  10. Damnit one is one right know, they are offensive when sober and even more so when you are stone, DAMN You the U.S of A
    help africa and leave pot alone. Power to The People
  11. what does this advert consist of ???

    with the reclassification in the uk in... looks at calender... ` week 4 days EVERYBODY here is chucking out shitty propaganda, 3 newspapers today made the stupedist articles about kids killing people because of \"serious cannabis addiction\"... but one did have cool pics of white widow, super skung and... SOAP [sarcasm] yey :) [/sarcasm]
  12. The ad I was referring to is just a shot of a little girl about to jump in a swimming pool unattended. At the end of the 30 seconds, an announcer says, \"Just tell your parents you weren\'t watching her because you were getting high. They\'ll understand.\" The swim meet one is basically the same, except a girl misses a swim meet because she was getting high.

    And us Americans get to spend millions of our tax dollars on piece of shit commercials like this.

    \"What is the half-life of bad propoganda?\"-Phish

  13. Why didn\'t that girl get high after the swim meet? I would have.
  14. i used to be on the swimteam. swimmeets don\'t go like that. if somebody\'s missing they\'ll start anyway. they don\'t give a damn. and why not go to the swimmeet stoned? i\'d like to have a conversation with the people in charge of all this shitty propaganda. i\'d rather see commercials about not doing meth or e or coke. even cigs. at least those commercials give you facts about why you shouldn\'t smoke cigs. these anti-marijuana commercials should be pro-responsibility instead.

  15. Cause everyone knows swimming while your high is the shit.
  16. just tell your parents you drove a railroad spike through your head because of these stupid antiweed commericals, they\'ll understand

    .... I would

  17. Haha that\'s pretty funny man, BUT you made fun of \'Cops\' - not cool.
  18. Every single episode of Cops I\'ve seen is...

    Middle-aged white guys telling 20-year-old black guy to \"Get the fuck on the ground\"! It gets really old to me. Maybe I\'ve been watching the wrong episodes?
  19. woo!hooo!!!!

    fuck cops!!!

    fuck anti pot stuff....

    and fuck....um....yeah!!!!!

    so ...like i was eating a pizza....and ...trying to hole in a shit ...when ...i saw the kid about to fall in the pool...tryed to stumble out there....

    and i saw my weed lying on the counter...so i grabed the pipe to take a hit on the way to save her....

    and as i coffed out the sweet smoke.....

    i felt so relazed....and like stoned man ...i for got the girl...and shit my pants....

    then i triped over the rake...lying where i put it....stml

    and landed on a grat big spike...impaling myself directicaly thru the brain....

    so i dont have to tell my parents shit....

    cus im fucking dead....

    and everything we see on tv is fake!!!

    its all fucking lyes!

    basters ...with there smoke and mirrors....

    fucking us all .....dry and hard!

  20. I\'ve seen the show a lot and it is entertaining as fuck. It\'s not only black people getting arrested. The only thing many of the suspects seem to have in common is that they are poor or close to it. To see the crazy shit people will do and say is more of an eye opener rather than something that gets really old really fast.

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