Just switching to a new name

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RavenousDespair, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. yeah i figured if this is the last time i use this account i might aswell post one last time with it, but yeah i feel like its right...

    (ps, omg dood i'm sooo fucking high! like really, like i hear this constant low volume humm, and my hands feel all rubbery like when typing, and my intense body buzzz,its soooo fucking tripppy@:confused::confused::rolleyes::confused::confused::smoke: ............)

    ^yeah i'm really that high right now...damn...i got some food in the little toaster oven....mmm its gonna be good....damn i don't really remember the last time i was this fucked up! omg for real!.....(lol)..

    oh yeah the actual reason why i'm doing this thread is to inform the grasscity members that i'm just simply creating a new account..........:smoking:
  2. :hello: woohoo
    well thats nice to know, and just to let everyone know of course my name dankwanted, then our friend is hydro_dank_man, other friend is dankwarehousing and ravenousdespair will also be incorporating the word "dank" in his new name, just thought id let everyone know so yall see he actually has a good reason for changing names
  3. thats right caus ravenousdespair, dankwanted, and hydrodankman stay together and smoke together

    smoke boys for life

    ps yeah i kinda stole that from the bad boy movie but i couldnt help it and i couldnt go out without givin them credit

  4. yeah i figured that this is a better representation of myself, heh, i procrastinated(sp?) by waiting to create this account...

    can't wait for Grad Bash i'ma be HIGH
  5. haha cool. RavenousDank, awesome.
  6. now i can say hydro_dank_man, ravenousdank, dankwarehousing, and dankwanted STAY TOGETHER AND SMOKE TOGETHER DAMNIT!!:eek:
  7. well that new name does suit you more (did you ever get your newport after 1st):confused: hopefully you did man we stay together and smoke together everyday where it be regs mids dro or maybe even salvia alright holla at me-peace
  8. Welcome to the city! :wave:

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