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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by independent, May 15, 2004.

  1. Hey, Im not new to using but new to growing. Im starting college this fall and had some questions about startign my growing.
    1. How do I get seeds? I will be moving to the US this summer and would like to get seeds.

    2. How big do plants get? Is there a way to limit their size? I dont really want a 5 foot plant in my apartmnet, well let me refraze, not excatly practical.

    3. How much will I get from one plant? Enough to last me 4-5 months while another plant grows?

    4. Can I grow in a "self contained" environment? Like a 4 foot tall fish tank with a 350-500 watt Metal Halide?

    5. If I grew in a fishtank and could seal it up mostly airtight, could I inject CO2 in and help the plants growth?

    6. How much smell does one plant make?

    7. What is the best soil and fertalizers to use?

    8. What is the best begginer seed to try and grow? I would like somthing good...

    Thanks a ton
  2. yeh...check those links.

    As for seeds...we sell them here at the city..not positive whether or not we can ship to the U.S though, but might be able to..
  3. As for shipping seeds to the US, if customs catches them all they can do is confiscate them correct? And if there is no return address then they cannnot link to the city. Is that correct or not? Thanks a ton!!!

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