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  1. I want to get into growing by the end of the year. I have never done anything with plants before and just wanted to know which way was better for a beginner to grow. I started reading some of the guides but I don't really understand much of it.
  2. if you have no experience, definitely soil

    I'd suggest some kind of fluorescent (t5 bulbs) for a starter to grow, you can keep them right above the plant without heat damaging it, so you can get used to light cycles, the growing process, etc

    eventually you may want brighter lighting to make those sweet buds you see in pictures, but a proper t5 setup will be plenty of light to get you started, and cheap/cool/low energy too
  3. Id also recomemnd watching jorge cervantes ultimate grow to give you some advice on how to grow.
  4. what about cfl bulbs?
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    CFL are ok, but by the time you get a few of them and up to the ~100 true watts you'll want, buy the fixtures, figure out mounting etc...

    may as well just get this guy and call it a day.

    Amazon.com: Hydrofarm JSV2 2-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    that's the 2-foot version (1 24" 24w t5), if you want the 4-foot (twice as powerful) for $10 more


    or buy a multi-light setup and figure out your own hanging rig

    that'll set you up for the first 30-45 days at least, and you can take that time to figure out how many plants and how big you're going to grow, so you can buy something for your flowering setup
  6. I want to try something that I can learn from so I guess I'll use the fluorescent bulbs. I don't really want to get anything that is set up for me

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