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  1. hello grass city :) I am a complete noob and beginner :/ ok so let me start.

    I live in an apartment and just ordered a Millard 5x5x6.5 tent along with 1000w hps.

    I don't know what type of filter to get for odor I do not want it to smell my apartment complex also I don't know weather to grow organic, or hydro.

    I plan on starting off with 6 sativa plants . Any advice or tips would help. Will keep everyone updated.
  2. Hello :) im new also... Dont have any great tips but im gonna sub to this... My babies are a little over a month old :)


    Documenting noobs first grow
  3. UPDATE: 05/05/2016

    Hello grass city here is just some equipment still have more coming.

    2. Harvest Pro Elite 1000w sW sunlight supply.

    2. 8in inline duct fan 120vac 60HZ 0.65 AMPS.

    1. Hydro Logic purification system (stealth RO filter).

    1. 1000 watt HPS.

    1. Nikko Lighting 1000w HPS Horticulture E39 /ANSI S52 /E25
    2000 Kelvin / 140000 Lumens.
    TCLP compliant.

    1. Sun master grow lamp cool deluxe metal halide .

    1. Scale capacity of 6.6 pounds.

    5. Time of day timers.

    1. PH Meter.

    1. TDS Meter.

    1. Acurite Humidity Device.

    1. Apollo 1/8" rope hanger (specifically to hold up light and easy adjustments).

    6. Extra Hangers.

    Let me know what you guys think so far? Still have some more items coming.

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  4. Hi are you in illegal or legal country ?
  5. United States, Michigan
  6. Ok in legal i see just get a carbon filter because the odor is terrible
  7. Ok thanks do you have one in mind that would go good with what I have and in an 5x5x6.5 tent
  8. Thats kinda big tent you got there i can look up some carbon filters for you but are you in the budget or not and how much youre fans have cfm ?
  9. Well these ones look great
  10. The 6 by 24?
  11. Nope
    choose 8 inch because youre fans are 8 inches
  12. Thx
  13. Update 05/07/2016

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  14. Looks good to me
  15. Nice Tent! Is it sealed looks like no passive intake, on my tent I don't use passive. Sealed solid
    Good Luck

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  16. What's a good seed bank that allows you to pick and choose instead of certain packs, legit ones
  17. Thanks man I have seeds coming from Amsterdam already but will definitely check these out next.
  18. 6/18/2016 **UPDATE**

    Any tips and suggestions are much appreciated.

    Nutes: Flora Grow,Flora Micro,Flora Bloom, CalMag

    Also have seaweed extract & Molasses not sure if I should be using the seaweed and not sure how much Molasses to mix in a 5Gal.

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