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Just started smoking here is my bubblers

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by kiLzeD, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey I sorta just started smoking in the past few months and a few weeks ago I went ahead and bought my first anything I decided to go with a bubbler here is a picture of it
    and here is a milk shot of my buddy
    I got that one for $35 from the local shop and we used it at a party that night and some chick broke it and wouldn't pay me back so I just went out today and bought a new one for new years I have yet to try it but here it is
    I paid $50 for that double bubbler (The guy gave me 20 bucks off because I told him what happened to the first one I bought from them) and he also threw in 6 glass filters, a lighter, and a pack of rollies

    What do you guys think about both of them and the prices on them?
  2. The first one inevitably was gonna break but that ones pretty nice. I guess that's a pretty good deal with all that shit. Kinda fancy for me but cheers!
  3. The second one looks trippy as shit, sucks that the girl would not pay you back but at least you got a good deal on the second one
  4. I really like both bubblers, unfortunate that you never got paid back for the one that broke! that's ridiculous, I'd be heated.

    of course, that double bubbler you got to replace it is gorgeous, really like the colors and design! toke up :smoke:
  5. I love both of em . Unique in there own ways
  6. I got that same fucking keyboard and I take shots of my bud and pieces in front of it too ;)
  7. Just and update I really love this doubler its really smooth and it's holding up great. Defiantly was a good buy
  8. i like the 2nd one :D

  9. Yeah the 2nd one is great I need to clean it though now haha

    But here is some stuff I picked up yesterday

    Che Guevara grinder and Raspberry Kush

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  10. 2nd bub looks WAY stronger than the first i knew it would break. I hate anything with che on it but nice bub.

  11. Yeah the first one was super weak but I liked how it looked and the second one is actually really thick and hits really smooth. I got the Che one because I have watched some movies/documentaries and learned about him quite a bit through my Spanish class in school a few years ago so I sorta was drawn to it aha
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    I had that same double bubble bubbler just with a little bit different coloring but my friends brother broke it on accident.. and I replaced it with that same exact blue spiral downstem bubbler.. that trippy.

  13. Damn dude that's weird haha but how do you like the spiral one? I didn't get to use it much
  14. Lolll that blue spiral one... my buddy had the same one years back...

    Lets just say im glad you didn't pay too much for it.

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