Just started my balcony garden

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by SativaShark, May 10, 2011.

  1. I have a strawberry plant, a dwarf blueberry bush, and some cherry tomatoes at the moment, along with a huge amount of catnip that is coming in just about everywhere, and some chamomile which is also deciding which pot to show up in this year.

    I'm thinking some herbs, and a few 'magickal' plants of various sorts to round things out.

    As I was getting everything re-potted I got a little wistful, wishing I had some bagseed because I think if I did I would risk trying to grow cannabis for the first time as an experiment. Alas the stuff I smoke is too good and has no seeds. (May you all have that problem! :D)

    I would normally just ask my connect if he ever finds any in his bud, but I don't want word to get around locally that I'm growing.

    But other than that little minor disappointment, I'm very happy, and looking forward to peacefully toking out there on a summer evening while admiring my handiwork, and maybe eating some of it. Mmm, strawberries...
  2. Enjoy your balcony garden and high grade weed..... growing chronic 'illegally' is expensive and risky.....plus it could get stolen

  3. Magikal plants you say? Do tell.
  4. Yes, ultimately it probably isn't wise for me to grow in my situation, but it intrigues me, you know. Especially since I only like to grow 'useful' plants, and what could be more useful than our beloved weed? :)

    Well, any plant can have magikal properties if used imaginatively, but more importantly responsibly. Mostly I just grow various things that are mentioned in some of my books, on the off chance I might need them. Some are safe for human consumption, some aren't, and some are in between. ;)

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