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  1. my p[lant just sprouted like 2 days ago should i wait till the reall leave to come out to put light on it or putt light on it now its about 2-3 inches
  2. Ive alays put light on it as soon as it pops the surface.It will probably stretch real bad if you dont.
  3. 2 words home depot get a 150 watt refletor and a 150 watt bulb(really 42 watts) and your good to go if you have more than one plant get 2 of the reflectors but no bulb and get a 85 watt bulb from here www.1000bulbs.com/category.php?category=2086 hope this helps fellow grower
  4. alright well thanks but i have a 75 watt light bulb and its 1700 lumans or how ever u spell it will that be good i have to start growing my other plant because my 1st 1 died
  5. is that a good light bulb i just said
  6. thats fine but i would get a 4 pack of 27watt (1750 lumen)cfls.from homedepot
  7. alright thanks
  8. [​IMG]

    here is my plant
    its about 3 days old
  9. Aww,
    That's super cute. You need either more light or closer light because it is stretched out. Put a fan on it as well to strengthen it up and you should be able to then get rid of the pencil propping it up.
  10. forget that. GET THESE!!! <-- they are FLUOREX 6500K bulbs and they rock the house. The lamp comes with it and is easy to hang or mount and puts out nearly 9,000 lumens.
  11. Solid advice! Very efficient lamps!

    However, the 65W 'only' output 4550 photometric lumens. I read that on the box they sell these things in there is a little asterix with some text explaining 9500 'othertype' lumes. I forgot the 'othertype lumens' word.

    And the spectrum of the bulb is kind of blue so you may want to add something with a lower K temps. 6500K is pretty darn blue great for vegging but not so great for flowering. Throw in some 3000K bulbs next to the fluorex and your good to go!
  12. The difference is "Photopic" and "brightness" lumens. These have a "photopic" lumen rating of 4,550 and a "brightness" lumen rating of 8,905 lumens.

    "Photopic" (as opposed to "scotopic") is based on the human eye's response to light during daytime. For the actual measure of total lumen output of this lamp, it's 8,905.

    Here's a quick definition between the two:

    Photopic lighting is light measurement based upon the response of the human eye under daytime conditions.

    Scotopic lighting is the light measurement based upon the response of the human eye under nighttime conditions. Scotopic lumens are higher for high CCT light sources.

    I've done grows with just these lamps (no warms in there) and have had great results. The grows where I added more red, didn't seem to have much difference, but there was a little.
  13. LOL "only"! (I just got that :)) :D
  14. nice lamps will be some of those
  15. Thanks for all the advice up4anything!
    It all makes sense to me now!:hello:
  16. I hope so. I know it can be confusing, especially when you throw in CRI, CCT, S/P Ratio, etc...

    who knew lighting was so complicated?
  17. To whoever game me rep but said he was in Europe...

    You should be able to find those there - but it would depend on what voltage you have. My buddy will ship worldwide, but then I don't have any idea what that would cost. I would think that after shipping overseas and then buying a voltage transformer (if needed) you could probably just buy a decent/used HPS. The only advantage to the FLUOREX at that point would be size and heat.
  18. yeah well im just waiting for a few more days and waiting to see on how the weather is and then im gunna put it outside so i don't have to worry about all this light things
  19. that would be me...

    The Netherworld...uhhm...lands is in Europe, you guys now that right?

    We got 220V here, or officially that is what they say, in reality its 230V.

    If I actually can find these things here for a reasonable price I'm betting I can just hook up 2 FLUOREX lamps IN SERIES and give em 115V each, then no transformer is needed.

    Yes, I know about the 50Hz versus 60Hz 'problem' but I think these lights (unlike other equipment) really don't give a ****!

    Did any of you ever try this little trick?

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