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just spewed from rippin the bong!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Third Eye, May 12, 2011.

  1. i was just finishing the last half of a bowl and it cherried really fast and when i exhaled the smoke tasted gross and i starting coughing and threw up in my mouth. i managed to hold it all in and make it to the toilet too :hello:

    has this happened to any of you guys before?
  2. wtfff hell no. clean that water.:(
  3. lol nah never
  4. That's really fucking disgusting.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
  5. Dam nope but I've seen my friend hit the bong then shit his pants , I laughed for a few days.

    Rookies are too funny!
  7. I almost puked a second ago because i was using a really short (like 7 inch bong) and when the bowl cleared, i pulled it out and exhaled too much and all the nasty ass bong water went down into my lungs and i started coughing and water and smoke was coming out at the same time and it was really nasty. But got me baked as fuck :):smoke:

  8. I <3 rooks
  9. Lol not too much of a rookie ^.^ Been smokign a good 4 years now. I just think everyone has some fails when they are stoned :3
  10. I've seen someone throw up in a bong, and then drop it and watch it shatter to pieces. Motherfuckers, man... -___-
  11. I'v been smoking for 4 years and i threw up from taking a huge gravity bong hit a few months ago. I was caughing so hard and so long i guess my gag reflex kicked in, and i thew up a little bit.
  12. Someone did that today, I was told. He was so high he couldn't hit it properly and fucked up. Didn't pull the slide out and just kept inhaling like a dumbshit. He threw up all over the place.
  13. Once when someone packed schwag.
  14. Can't say I've ever puked, but I've taken my share of unpleasant rips. Coughing in the bong is terrible...ruins my entire high because of that throat burning pain.
  15. I have never threw up from smoking weed.
  16. Haha I took gravity hits then i ripped a bowl and my stomach was like convulsing like it was having a seizure so then I puked.
  17. I've smoked from a bong using gin as the liquid. Did it like a champ without gagging. there were 4 of us who did it. 2 of the 4 puked.

    alright... now everyone go out and buy some gin. I want to see if it's really a 50/50 thing lol
  18. Why would you exhale into a bong?
  19. You could of swallowed some of the smoke
  20. Let's clarify a bit. I am definitely not a "rook" aside from that I was extremely full and I guess maybe I hit some resin or something cuz it was such a bug bowl, and then I coughed so hard that some spewed into my mouth.

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