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  1. i've been looking thru the threads here and i've noticed a lot of peeps like rap, but if it's not rap it's oldies. (this is a generalized opinion anyone offended please don't be, it's nothing personall at all) what about all of the stuff in between? like, Sum 41? Three Days Grace? Avenged Sevenfold? any of these? i mean, it's like a rock hating place here!!!! no rock!!! AAAAHHHH! :smoking:
  2. haa I know what you mean, but its not completely true, I bet a lot of blades here like medium and new shcool rock. I love a7x, trivium, children of bodom, and countless other new school bands.
  3. well that's good, i was starting to feel lonely:p
  4. I'd rather listen to Dream Theater, but anything other than rap is fine. :smoking:
  5. I'm a big A7X fan too. Metal.rock.nd reggae is where its at.
  6. Ahahaha maybe some of us don't like to listen to what MTV and VH1 tell us to listen to?
  7. mtv can suck a dick... vh1 is only good when america's next top model was on, and have you ever thought that maybe it's good music?:D
  8. It's not bad music but it's not good either. I'm a musician and I'll tell you, those bands are very basic on a technical level. Want to hear a good metal band? Check out bands like Necrophagist, Meshuggah, Veil of Maya and the Human Abstract. Bands like A7x and Trivium are only popular because they write and play the music their labels are telling them to play.
  9. the music industry sucks nowadays. Look at what they play on the radio... That stupid ass shit is what the majority of people in this country listen to.

    No offense to anyone's musical preferences, but I think its safe to say that music just ain't what it was.

    I mean, who's gonna be the "classic" artist of this decade? Lil Wayne? Fall Out Boy? Gimme a break...
  10. Are you serious? That's good rock to you?

    Ahaha just messing around man. I don't hate on anybody's music choices, but if you're gonna talk rock talk real rock, not this rock-pop-screamo-emo hybrid shit they play on the radio today. :smoke:
  11. musician here too, and while some of this is true, it is not basic... besides, A7X messes around a lot, but let's oh fuck i forgot where i was going with this, shit...... well who's down with the crown?:smoking:
  12. fuck me!!! this is too true!:(
  13. i have a punk rock thread and an underground 80s music thread around here somewhere. just do a search, there are tons of subjects covered here.

    i know a couple bands that will be considered classics later on in life.
  14. I like all kinds of music, but I do stick to my roots, which oldies. I grew up with it, it's what reminds me most of the most influential person in my life and I think it's what will always be my "ear candy"....

    In my opinion, the rock today isn't much like music. Some of the bands you listed are pretty good, a few singers today have beautiful voices and a few musicians are wonderful at what they do... most just get into it because of the money and those people I do not respect, nor will I listen to their music.

    You should do something because you love it, not because it's what will make you rich, I don't care what anyone says.

    This is partly the reason why I don't like most rap.

    I dig funny music though, if it makes me laugh I'm down with it.
  15. most people in this thread dont understand that it is only mainstream music that it at this stand still. there are so many new genres and great bands forming that you havent heard of yet. mtv will never play them, you have to look somewhere else.
  16. No point to make a jab at 'emo' when you probably don't even know what it is. It's not what people think it is nowadays, and when it first started it was fucking good.

    Go listen to some fugazi or rites of spring, or beefeater. It's real 'emo', which is much more related to old school punk and hardcore. Not the poppy stuff, even though I enjoy that just as much.

    This is my opinion, so don't flame me for it, but a lot of the music you guys(everyone, at least on the rock side) listen to, sucks.

    Three Days Grace = Trash
    Avenged Sevenfold = Trash
    Meshuggah = Trash
    Veil of Maya = Good (im actually wearing a VoM shirt :D)
    Human Abstract = Good
    Trivium = Trash
    'Classic Rock' = Mostly trash

    Metalcore = Win
    Hardcore = Win
    Punk = Win
    Indie = Win
    Folk = Win
    Acoustic = Win

    (like i said, this is my opinion.)
  17. if you're going to cross hairs about genres, indie isnt really a genre either. what most people think indie stands for now is upbeat twee pop or acoustic folk influenced alternative.

    also fugazi isnt really emo, they just get lumped in because the members in the band.

  18. I was under the impression MTV didn't play any music....:p

  19. what i meant was you have to look past general media. they only play what they know will be popular to the masses. and the masses are really fucking stupid.
  20. No point in bringing up what emo was, because I was clearly referencing what it has become. I'm well aware of what emo used to be, and it was still shitty then. Just my opinion of course.

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