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Discussion in 'General' started by quasimoto, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. I just smoked a j on my new deck. It was really relaxing. Just wanted a thread to chat about whatever with the GC members. What's good everyone? I just got a rolling machine yesterday and I'm loving it so far. :smoke:
  2. ahh you know just chilling as usual. Didn't toke today didn't even feel like it which is odd. Saving up the toking for tuesday when im doing a marijuana experiment that may change the world of firecrackers as we know it.
  3. ive toked 3-4 bowls today so far prob smoke 3-4 more
  4. im chillin, listening to some music waiting for entourage to come on

    and yea rooling machines ftw
  5. Yeah I'm going to a party later tonight and I'm making a Bob Marley mix CD for the ride there. :D
  6. Hell yea man... im ending my tolerance break TONIGHT!

    Just picked up an ounce, but have family over so I can't smoke yet... oh man oh man.
  7. i was pretty fucked up earlier, my bro got some weed from his old dealer...normally i dont approve of this...but whatever...im not gonna stop him from smoking me up...rolled up a fat blunt...man...kids these days and their diggity dank...i was fucking high cleanin the oven for some reason....speaking of which....now its so sparkley and shiney inside...and smells like pizza and cup cakes...
  8. Yeah my bro just bought some shit, gonna smoke 2 jays and I have some good shit to eat. :devious:

  9. Just picturing that made me laugh.

    I'm waiting for my homie to come through so I can pick up some bud. Moms is grilling some steaks, about to make some coffee, and then smoke a blunt.

    Sitting on the deck and smoking a joint sure does sound relaxing.
  10. dude, i went to make pizza...made sure nothing was in there...look in and it was nasty and dripping and a huge puddle of grease, and all that shit...shit thatll burn my place down....man, a stoned dude burning his house down cause he wanted pizza would become like an Above The Influence type shit...
  11. Hahahah, I feel you, man.

    ...shit, now you got me wanting to clean my oven.
  12. just got done writing an english paper, now i'm chilling, listening to some tool.
  13. it's the end of a long day. third since i have last smoked. it seems to be ancient history. time flies when you smoke every day. this is the longest i haven't smoked since school was out at the start of summer.
  14. Yea I just got back home. Fun night. Smoked another j and hung out with some good friends.
  15. I smoked a fat blunt this afternoon and then went outside and barbecued and had my whole family over. It was great, we had all the little kids runnin around doin kid shit and me and all my cousin set up a badminton net but ended up playin like 3- hour long games of volleyball. Then me, my cousin, and my brother in law played monopoly for like 7 hours, we just finished like an hour ago.
  16. Dude, is there any better feeling that a nice joint on a nice day on your own deck...beautiful feeling...

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