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    Hey guys, going to keep a grow log, at the moment I have just finished setting up my grow area.

    I'm planning on growing 2 plants (automatic easyryder) (germinating right now!)

    The light im using is 1 - 125Watt Red CFL ( which gets quite hot :/ )

    I am using the soaking method and will move to paper towel if they do not germinate within the 2 days

    I am growing them in soil (a premix my local headshop recommends)

    I have 2 types of nutes, Ionic Soil GROW and Ionic Soil Bloom

    I am going to use the Ionic Soil GROW after i have planted by germinate seeds and given them about a week to grow with just water, and then I will use it every other water. After 3 weeks (auto flower period) I will start using the Ionic Soil Bloom and do that every other water aswell.

    For about the first 3 days they are going to be on 24 hours a day until i can get a digital timer (after the 3 days) then they will be on 20/4

    So does this all sound good to you guys!?
  2. bump because I'm planting tomorrow, and need to know if everything is okay :)
  3. I dont do soil grows, only hydro so Im not sure if I can really help. As for your grow setup it seems fine. Your regimen is a little iffy. If you plan on only planting 2 girls then you might want to veg about 6 to 7 weeks. With only three weeks vegging you really wont get much yield in the end. As for the nutes it is best if you dont add them until 1 week off vegging them, so youre good on that part. As far as watering I really cant say, like I said before I do hydro only and I water them 1/2 hour every 3 hours myself. I have never grown autos before and I know they are a bit tricky so youre going to have to do some research if no one gets to you soon enough.
  4. Ahh thanks for the input man :) but I didn't decide i'll vedge for 3 weeks, it's just on the back of the seeds that it will auto flower in 3 weeks :/

  5. Thats my bad, just realized "Autoflower" goes automatically into flowering whether you want it to or not. Well goodluck, thats all I can say. I have never attempted an auto so my hat is off to you bro.
  6. Sounds ok man. 125 will grow 2?
  7. Autoflowers are a great way to get started. Don't soak your seeds for longer than 24 hours. After 24 hours, place them in a damp paper towel, and keep it moist/warm for a a couple days. Then you can transplant to soil or perlite to start growing. Don't add nutes until after the cotyledons start to turn yellow. Invest, now, in a pH meter. Otherwise you're flying blind on this. Also, start feeding nutes at about 1/4 strength.

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