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just scraped 6 or 7 bowls or resin.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Walter Sobchak, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. About to toke up (with some good weed and tons of resin i scraped) for the first time in nearly a month. :hello:

    i wish i had a camera to take pics of all this resin. :(
  2. Have fun! Me and a buddy ended up scraping quite a few pipes out yesterday before we picked up, resin sure comes in handy.
  3. have some fun bro :)
  4. Resin tastes like shit but you will get high. Come 2 think of it i kinda like it, only if I need buds will i smoke it mostly. Good Stuff, Have a ball and toke a big ass resin hit for your homies at the city. :hello: JOE>
  5. When your dry theres nothing better than packing a huge resin ball in a piece. Any kind of buzz is better than no buzz.
  6. marajuana is the gift that keeps on giving!! so you're sitting in your room, bummed cuz you're out of bud, then it hits you--I have 3 pipes i havent cleaned in months!! so, you scrape all the resin out, mush it into a ball, and there you go! tell me any other drug that keeps it's own reserves...
  7. stop scraping people...

    turn your water heater up a bit rubberband a papertowel on the exit side and flood the piece with hot ass water

    you'll have a load of water cleaned resin thats workable till the paper dries

    make a ball...load it up let it dry a bit smoke yourself retarded

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