Just saying thank you.

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  1. I just want to thank my dearest cousin, that comes by baking all these awesome ass baked goods of deliciousness knowing I'm stoned out my mind! Don't really like discussing this type of stuff on FB, with all the drama that already goes on in general on that website. Just thought I'd give a shoutout to her hahaSent from my mi casa using Grasscity Forum
  2. why not thank her in person or on the phone...  unless she has a gc account i dont think she'll see it.  but yea i love when that kinda stuff happens
  3. youre welcome
  4. Oh I tell her all the time. Just thought I'd share it to the world, but to a group that'll actually use their brains.Sent from my mi casa using Grasscity Forum
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    Nothing wrong with gratitude. I bust a lot of people's balls on this site when they don't post threads that deliver a ton of substance or seem trivial, but gratitude is never trivial. Stay thankful. I'm thankful every day for weed. Wish I had family who shared my love for it.
  6. No doubt bro! I understand though, it's all fun at the end of the day. Whoever feels some type of way def needs a f'n blunt. Jut as thankful as you, which is why she's a big influence in my life, all my success is thanks to her. #LMJ2014Sent from my mi casa using Grasscity Forum

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