Just saw Clapton live

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  1. It was fucking awesome, i'd read some reviews of his previous shows in the paper and they were saying that he wasnt really giving it his all, and the shows were a bit laboured, but he was on fire tonight, really awesome, and mixing it up with the acoustic and electric. His fellow musicians are all very talented also but Eric himself is such a talented guitarist, hearing him hit every note in the flesh just as good as a studio album is really something.

    Another thing is that every show previously on this tour he'd played an acoustic layla but tonight he played the electric, which is what i really wanted to see. I'm definitely going to remember this for a long time.

    So fellow blades, have you seen any other legends live?
  2. That's really cool man, I hope to catch BB King before he kicks the bucket.
  3. i wanted to see Jeff Beck in philly but that show sold out before i even got a chance!
  4. Do the Arctic Monkeys count?

  5. not as a legendary band, but YES! How were they? Awesome I'm sure.:metal:
  6. I saw Clapton in my senior year a few years ago and he was amazing and so was his backing band. Dereck Trucks and some other guitarists whose name i can't remember at the moment played with him and they were awesome too. It was one of the best shows ive ever seen.:)
  7. im seeing clapton on the 21st! I CANT FUCKING WAIT!!!!

    other oldies ive seen:

    Phil and Friends
    Bob Dylan
    Arlo Guthrie
    Willie Nelson
    Rolling Stones
    Fleetwod Mac
    Hot Tuna
    Steel Pulse
    Black Uhuru
    David Gilmour
    Roger Waters
    Pink Floyd (YES, i saw them at Live 8 in London!!!)

    more.... i cant remember.
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  9. What songs does Clapton play these days?
  10. Yes best band I've seen live and I was sober, However my dream is to watch MGMT live while on acid would be epic.
  11. Oh yeah did anyone get to watch Love at Glastonbury in 03 because I would've loved to have seen them more than anything.
  12. Eric Clapton & His Band: Royal Albert Hall, London

    26 May 2009
    11th Show - Spring Tour
    Royal Albert Hall
    London, England
    Band Lineup:
    Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
    Andy Fairweather Low - guitar
    Chris Stainton - keyboards
    Tim Carmon - keyboards
    Willie Weeks - bass
    Steve Gadd - drums
    Michelle John - backing vocals
    Sharon White - backing vocals
    Set List:
    01. Going Down Slow
    02. Key To The Highway
    03. Got To Get Better In A Little While
    04. Old Love
    05. I Shot The Sheriff
    06. Driftin'
    07. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
    08. Lay Down Sally
    09. Anytime For You
    10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    11. Badge
    12. Little Queen of Spades
    13. Before You Accuse Me
    14. Wonderful Tonight
    15. Layla *
    16. Cocaine *
    16. Crossroads *
    * with Doyle Bramhall II

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