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just rolled my first J !!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NYC Smoker, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Well I've been smoking blunts for as long as I can remember. Today I picked up a pack of Ez-Widers since I had 1G of shake from some dank GDP left. I started packing down the joint and rolled my thumbs up, it felt so smooth! I rolled it , twisted it , and lit it up. It didn't burn as long as blunts but it was enjoyable and I'm pretty damn high ^_^
  2. congrats! enjoy ya joints man
  3. well enjoy your j's then :D
  4. Nigguhs i roll my joints using a Pencil. Don't judge i have shaky hands idk why?... but yea i use a Pencil comes out super perfect and it works so why not use it haha anything that makes things easier i use it.

  5. That's crazy. , is there a vid tutorial somewhere?
  6. Take a pic of the next jay to see how well you are doing. I rarely roll joints, I only do it when I'm with people. I have average-aboveaverage rolling skills. But I generally stick to my glass.
  7. Actually yea man . I saw it on youtube. You just roll paper on pencil and seal it. Then on one end you twist and close it. Other end is open then you just fill it up with doja . Ill try to find video and post it.
  8. I just couldn't force myself to roll with a pencil.. No matter how perfect they come out it definitely wouldn't be as rewarding as rolling a nice fat coner by hand.
  9. i use wooden chopsticks to make my js :D
  10. I've probably rolled close to a thousand joints lol :smoking:
  11. That's my Blue J :n


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